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Here are the most recent satelite-photos of Northern Europe.
Photographed by Meteosat. These photos are taken half-hourly and transmitted to the groundstation at Nottingham University. (Don't be fooled by the GMT-timestamp at the pictures. Check your timezone!
These pictures are shown as JPEG 400x400! Click here to view them in full size (JPEG 800x800)
First an IR-wawelenght photo: (updated half-hourly, 24hrs. a day)

Then, here's a photo that's updated half-hourly during daylight

Another satellite photo, this one published by CNNCNN every hour:

Meteo FranceMETEO FRANCE keeps updated, coloured satellite pictures here: Click on the time closest to you the time now to get the most updated one...
0000 UTC
0000 UTC/GMT
0600 UTC
0600 UTC/GMT
1200 UTC
1200 UTC/GMT
1800 UTC
1800 UTC/GMT

INTELLICASTHer er et bilde fra Intellicast:

Here is the best image, but it isn't updated too often...