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Born: 7. March 1969 in Östersund, Sweden.

Education: 9 years Basic School at Gjøvik barne- og ungdomsskole. 3 years Continuating School in Sciences at Tranberg Videregående skole. 5 years University studies in Physics and Industrial Mathematics at Norges Tekniske Høgskole, a part of the University of Trondheim, making me a "Sivilingeniør" (=~ Master's degree).

Planned Education: None.

Work: I now work at Yahoo! Technologies Norway as all-around fixer of problems. (We used to be part of Fast Search & Transfer but Overture bought the entire Web Search division for lots and lots of money, then Yahoo! bought Overture for even bigger lots of money.)

Some years ago, I was the system administrator at the department of mathematical sciences (, earlier

Where am I? Map of Scandinavia

You can get the map in 1019x1024, 895x900 or 764x768 resolutions. Look for the little white cross to find Trondheim, Norway. Of course, Scandinavia isn't quite that big in reality :-)



Email address: I try to keep to the email address for personal mail; but I get some hundred spam mails per day there so I'm not always very responsive, I'm afraid. (You may also see email from my "work" address at Overture of course).

Snailmail address:

   Arne H. Juul
   Lillebergv. 14 A
   N-7052 Trondheim
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