A bit about myself

Major Pastimes:
  • Work
  • More work
  • My trusty PC takes up far too much of my time of course
  • I am an avid boardgamer and roleplayer.
Memberships (of note):
  • PVV, ProgramVareVerkstedet, the computer club at the University of Trondheim.
Favourite Play By Mail Games:
  • Beyond The Stellar Empire, an open-ended space-opera game run by KJC Games in the UK. While I am no longer playing it, it's an excellent game.
  • Quest, an open-ended fantasy game also run by KJC Games. I used to play in game 6.
  • Super Vorcon Wars, the first PBM I ever tried, so I guess this is sentimental :), anyway, it was a great game ...
Favourite Computer Games
  • Xpilot, an X-based multiplayer fast-paced (mostly) game of strategy, skill, reflexes, and, most of all, educated luck. Haven't played this for years though.
  • Doom, an old game of blood, murder, mayhem, and many a good laugh.
Favourite PC Games
  • The Longest Journey, one of the best adventure games to ever hit the market.
  • Doom ... say no more ...
  • System Shock I & II, the first of which, for me, redefined the FPS genre and the second of which delivered more of the same excellent gameplay.
  • Thief I & II, which finally drove home the point that FPS can be so much more ...
  • Deus Ex, an excellent FPS following in the footsteps of System Shock and Thief.
  • Europa Universalis, a much appreciated break from the row of mindless so-called strategy games we have seen over the last years.
  • Commodore 64 games I play using a C64 Emulator. Takes me way back to the good old days ...
Favourite Board Games
  • Settlers of Katan, from MayFair games, is an ingenious little game with lots of player interaction. It is surprisingly simple, non-violent and fun.
  • Titan the Arena, not to be confused with Titan (not the Arena), is more of a card game than board game, but it's fun nevertheless. And, no, it's not a trading card game.
  • Junta, a game of politics, deceit, backstabbing, swiss bank accounts and assassinations.
  • Enemy In Sight, a simplistic card game where each player controls a fleet of armed sailing ships.
  • ... and just about any game that has any potential of being fun whatsoever ...
Favourite Role Playing Games
Favourite food: Anything not disgusting that tastes good.
Favourite drinks: Water ... and of course the odd 1.5 litres of Cola for those loooong roleplaying sessions ...

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