Dream Reality

Cleric Base, Channeling

This list focuses on taking items and creatures from a dream and using the power behind them to recreate them in the real world. One ends up with a highly flexible source of stuff, at the price of stuff that can behave strangely and that isn't altogether sturdy.

LevelSpellArea Of EffectDurationRangeType
1Enter Dreams IselfCselfUm
2Dream Form I1 itemspecialselfF
3Dream Item I1 itemspecialselfF
4Dream Creature II1 creaturespecialselfF
5Improve Integrity I1 targetPselfF
6Dream Form II1 itemspecialselfF
7Prolong Dream I1 dream1 min/level-F
8Magical DreamsspecialspecialselfF
9Dream Item II1 itemspecialselfF
10Improve Integrity II1 targetPselfF
11Dream Creature III1 creaturespecialselfF
12Dream Form III1 itemspecialselfF
13Prolong Dream II1 dream5 min/level-F
14Dream Item III1 itemspecialselfF
15Improve Integrity III1 targetPselfF
16Dream Creature IV1 creaturespecialselfF
17Dream Form X1 itemspecialselfF
18Prolong Dream III1 dream30 min/level-F
19Dream Item X1 itemspecialselfF
20Dream Creature V1 creaturespecialselfF
25Improve Integrity True1 targetPselfF
30Prolong Dream True1 dreamC-F
50Dream World2'R/levelspecialselfF

1. Enter Dreams I

This spell is normally used to track down the dream from which the spell caster extracts the objects created by other spells on this list. The spell gives the caster a mental link into the dream world through which he can navigate dreams. The link does not yield much in the way of details, and precise identification of objects within the dream world is impossible. Only general ideas are transmitted. The skill "Area Knowledge: Dream World" is used to navigate the dream world, but a penalty of -20 is applied due to the low quality of the link. Note that the maintaining of concentration on this spell may cause additional negative modifiers to be applied to the navigation skill roll, as well as other activities undertaken within dreams.

The serious dreamlord will employ spells on the Dream Traveller spell list for less restricted access to the Dream World.

2. Dream Form I

Once the caster has located a dream containing the item he requires, he may cast this spell to create a replica of that item in the real world. The item will form on his person or very near him, at his discretion. The item created by this spell will only roughly resemble the desired item. No fine detail (such as a keen edge) is possible and items relying on moving parts (like a crossbow) will generally not be functional. The item will have the texture and general nature of the desired item though. A rope or a club, for instance, would be quite functional. The item may not weigh more than 0.5 lbs.

3. Dream Item I

As Dream Form I, except fine detail is possible. Thus, functional knives and crossbows are quite feasible. Note, however, that the functionality depends on the dreamer's familiarity with the design of the type of item in question. As an example, a skeleton key procured from a master locksmith's dream might be a wonderful tool but a skeleton key obtained from a foot soldier's dream might be rather useless even if it does look pretty fancy (the foot soldier's key is still perfectly functional within his dream though, but that's a different matter).

4. Dream Creature II

As Dream Form I, except a creature can be created. The creature will never be intelligent, and will generally behave in the manner in which the original dreamer thinks consistent with its nature. The creature cannot communicate meaningfully and it is not under the control of the caster. It is considered an "entity" from the dream world for the purposes of control, banishing, etc. If the creature attacks, it will have the OBs of a Created Undead of its level. This spell can create creatures that weigh no more than 1 pound per level of the caster and that are no more than level 3 (a class II entity).

5. Improve Integrity I

When cast upon a dream object or creature created by other spells on this list, the integrity of that object or creature is improved by 10%. Normally, this will result in a 40% chance of the target dissipating after a violent blow as opposed to the normal 50%. Multiple castings of this type of spell upon the same item do not yield cumulative bonuses.

6. Dream Form II

As Dream Form I, except weight limit is 5 pounds.

7. Prolong Dream I

When cast upon a dream, will ensure that any items or creatures obtained from that dream will have a duration of at least 1 minute per level of the caster. After this duration ends, normal chance of the item or creature disappearing will resume. Note that if the caster maintains this spell for an extended period of time (which is only really an issue for the higher level versions), the effect on the dreamer is that he will not wake up. From the outside, this will appear like a disease or a curse and any attempts to cure the malady as one of these have a chance of being successful. The Prolong Dream spell will use its own level to resist any such attempts.

8. Magical Dreams

When cast before any of the "Dream ...." spells on this list, will allow the created item or creature to have innate magical abilities. Such enchantments must be of a nature that directly affects only the created item. They can only indirectly affect other items or beings, and they cannot project more than a few inches from the item itself. A flying carpet, a self-tying rope or a glowing cat is ok but a wand of firebolts, a spell adder or a fire-breathing lizard is not. The magical effect can not be of a higher level than one fifth that of the caster.

9. Dream Item II

As Dream Item I except weight limit is 5 lbs.

10. Improve Integrity II

As Improve Integrity I, except integrity improvement is 20%.

11. Dream Creature III

As Dream Creature II, except max weight is 5 lbs pr level of the caster, and max creature level is 6 (a class III enitity).

12. Dream Form III

As Dream Form I, except max weight is 20 lbs.

13. Prolong Dream II

As Prolong Dream I except for duration.

14. Dream Item III

As Dream Item, except max weight is 20 lbs.

15. Improve Integrity III

As Improve Integrity, except integrity bonus is 30%.

16. Dream Creature IV

As Dream Creature II, except max weight is 10 lbs pr level of the caster and max creature level is 9 (a class IV entity).

17. Dream Form X

As Dream Form I except max weight is 100 lbs.

18. Prolong Dream III

As Prolong Dream I except for duration.

19. Dream Item X

As Dream Item I, except max weight is 100 lbs.

20. Dream Creature V

As Dream Creature II, except max weight is 100 lbs pr level of the caster and max creature level is 13 (a class V entity).

25. Improve Integrity True

As Improve Integrity I, except decreases fragility to 0%, therefore giving no chance of the item breaking when struck. It should still check for normal breakage when called for, however.

30. Prolong Dream True

As Prolong Dream I, except for the duration.

50. Dream World

As Dream Item X and Dream Creature V, except an entire scene can be created and will replace the real scenery at the target location for the duration. Any number of items and creatures needed to populate the scene will be created. In addition, for each magical effect desired in the scene, the spell Magical Dreams can be cast once before the casting of this spell.

Special Notes:

1. Before anything can be created by the spells on this list, a dream must successfully have been located that contains the item(s) desired. This requires a means of navigating the dream world and the skill to do so successfully. The former is provided as the first level spell "Enter Dreams I", although enterprising spell casters may find better ways of accomplishing the same. The latter requires a successful "Area Knowledge: Dream World" once the former has been taken care of. The difficulty of this skill roll should be determined by the GM based upon how specific or obscure the requested item is. The more specific and the more obscure, the more difficult. If it's something noone ever dreams about, it's simply impossible. This shouldn't happen a lot though, there's lots of totally weird stuff in people's dreams.

2. The duration of a created item is special. The item is formed from the dreams of some individual, and dreams are fickle things. One moment it's there, the next moment it's gone. If the identity or nature of the individual having the dream from which the item is collected is not known or not of interest, the following duration should be used. For every five minutes, there is a 50% chance that the dream shifts in such a way that the item no longer exists within it in its original form and the item disappears. The exact moment within the five minute period at which the item disappears should be determined randomly. This means that there is a risk the item will disappear immediately, and one shouldn't expect it to last more than 5-7 minutes on the average. Note that the "Prolong Dream" spells on this list give some guaranteed duration.

3. Stuff created from dreams can be as fickle as the dreams themselves. They only have a weak link to the real world and, in addition, they are subject to the whims of the dreamer. The result is that they are rather fragile. The fragility of a dream item is 50% by default. Each time a dream item or creature receives a violent blow, this is the chance that it will disappear. Note that the "Improve Integrity" spells on this list can affect the fragility of an item or creature.

4. Items or creatures created from dreams are still under the power of the dream they originated from. The most interesting effect of this is that they will perform consistently with how they would have performed within the dream, not with how similar items perform in the real world. This means that if the caster chooses the "wrong" dream, the knife he created might prove to be an excellent flute, but useless at puncturing things, etc. This would depend to a large extent on the strength of the "reality" concept in the source dream, and casters are well advised to seek out dreams that are strong in "reality" if they desire items that perform predictably.