The Grand Campaign

The Grand Campaign is a large campaign for Rolemaster set in the Shadow World setting. It was written by Terry Kevin Amthor, who maintains a Shadow World home page. It was initially planned to be released commercially, but that failed for various reasons, and Terry has graciously released it to the public free of charge.

Since he has a problem with disk space on his own server, I have provided space for the files here. So if Terry is the writer, I'm the librarian :-)
Any problems you have in downloading the files and related issues should go to me at the address at the bottom of the page. Any comments on the contents of the files should be directed to Terry.

Please note that this is not the complete campaign - it was never truly finished. There will be sections that are incomplete. These will remain incomplete, as the author never really got to finishing them. In particular, things are pretty much left hanging at the end of 'book 1'. Terry may give some ideas and hints on his SW web-page (link above), but will not have the time to make more pdf files out of it.

The campaign is very `directed` in that it assumes that the PCs always do the 'right' thing. If they do not, the GM will have to wing it until he gets them back on track. Railroading I believe it is called. The campaign is also best played with the example PCs presented at the start, as there are several plot hooks, etc., that are used within the campaign for these characters. It basically consists of a storyline that the PCs will get through, some way or the other, if they are to complete the campaign. Some may find this too restrictive, while others will find it to their liking. Personally, I like what I have seen.

The files below are pdf format files of the Grand Campaign. To be able to view these files, you will have to get yourself an adobe acrobat viewer for your platform. These are available free from Adobe for most platforms, you should be able to get to them from Adobe`s homepage. There is also an appetizer file with the first part converted to postscript. If you`re not sure if you want to bother with the pdf files, download it and take a look before you make up your mind.

Da Files

AppetizerPart 1, postscript1.1Meg1-3
PART ONEAcrobat format224k1-3
PART TWOAcrobat format1.4 Meg5-38
PART THREEAcrobat format1 Meg39-54
PART FOURAcrobat format2.1 Meg55-82
PART FIVEAcrobat format640 k83-103
PART SIXAcrobat format250 k104-111

On behalf of all of us, I would like to thank Terry for the time and effort spent in bringing us these documents, asking no compensation himself.

Grand Campaign Plus Plus

The Grand Campaign just got better with these new files. The first is an expansion of chapter XIV in the above files. It was written by Randy Campbell and is really good (get it!). The second and third are files I made before starting the campaign myself. One contains all the suggested PCs in an easy-to print format with just what information I wanted the respective players to have about their PC. The other is a comprehensive set of handouts. I cut these snippets of text out from the above files and made this scissor-friendly layout. All files are available either as WinWord .DOC format, rich text format (.RTF) or adobe acrobat format (.PDF). Thanks to Eran Malloch for the PDF conversions.

Here is a file describing the flight through the dungeons from Rhakhaan to Tanara in much greater detail. Thanks to Alexander Otterbein for providing this file (the author remains unknown though).

CHAPTER XIVBeefed-up version, HTML format35kN/A
CHAPTER XIVBeefed-up version, Word format45k~10
CHAPTER XIVBeefed-up version, RTF format48k~10
CHAPTER XIVBeefed-up version, PDF format48k~10
PC SHEETSPC info sheets for players, Word format80k?
PC SHEETSPC info sheets for players, RTF format55k?
PC SHEETSPC info sheets for players, PDF format55k?
PLAYER HANDOUTSResearch results, etc., Word format48k?
PLAYER HANDOUTSResearch results, etc., RTF format32k?
PLAYER HANDOUTSResearch results, etc., PDF format32k?

All In One Special Offer

For those of you who would rather not spend an evening clicking on files, here's a special offer. Click on the below hyperlink just once and get all of the above files (except the appetizer ) in one huge ZIPped file. Can't get better than that now, can it?
EVERYTHING!All in one Special Offer5.2MegN/A

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