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Below you will find small snippets of complimentary details. More intricate descriptions of things mentioned in the other texts, things that are not important enough to be said elsewhere, but which are too important to be neglected. The other documents have a nasty tendency of linking to things in here, resulting in you, the reader, having to navigate your way through a maze of references and links. Oh well.


Gryphon Pendants

The Gryphon Pendants are handy little magical items the only purpose of which is to enable College operatives to reliably recognise eachother. A trained person can instantly see (using Power Perception) if its wearer has previously attuned to a given pendant. If the wearer has, he can quite reliably be assumed to be a College operative.

The attunement procedure is a lenghty and complex affair. Even the slighest deviation from the ritual will completely void the attempt to attune to it. A successful attunement results in the pendant giving off an aura that the trained eye can recognise (see above). An attunement attempt will take the better part of a day.

Persons wearing gryphon pendants attuned to using the College ritual can be located with the College Ilarsiri with much greater ease than someone who does not carry such a beacon. One has to know what one is looking for however, and those without this knowledge will not find that the pendants ease their task.

Not that these items are also in use by the Grey Ring of Emer and possibly a few other organisations. A trained person can tell Ring pendants from College pendants. The Grey Ring is not capable of producing more pendants, and so have a limited stockpile. The College has the knowledge and skills required to create more of them should they be needed.

The pendants are small (about 2" wide) and are a thin carving of a silvery material.

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