A Glimpse of Cappadocia

I spent a week in the summer of 2009 based in Göreme, Cappadocia in Central Turkey. It's a beautiful place with much to see and do.

Most people I saw there hurried through much too busily. I hope that these photos can inspire and help people plan to spend their time better when visiting Cappadocia. A balloon ride at sunrise can be great, but to really appreciate the natural and cultural wonder of this region, you must get around on foot and keep your eyes open for wonders both small and large.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact me, and I'll adjust or add the information on these pages so that you and others can benefit from it.

DSC05107GoremeHeleFjelletOgDalene.JPG DSC05141GoremeDuedalenMotUchisar.JPG DSC05151GoremeEwokCity.JPG DSC05185GoremeIkkeEllevteSeptember.JPG
DSC05189GoremeBalloonBaboons.JPG DSC05199GoremePaagaaendeBallong.JPG DSC05202GoremeOAMuseumHelligeAand.JPG DSC05260GoremeRoedEplekirke.JPG
DSC05262GoremeAppleChurchFargerikt.JPG DSC05282GoremeVaklendeMarkedsfoering.JPG DSC05307GoremeJegFantEtHus.JPG DSC05321GoremeZemiStiligLandskap.JPG
DSC05326GoremeZemiKulturlandskap.JPG DSC05350GoremeZemiHunnyBunnyBee.JPG DSC05359GoremeSitroner.JPG DSC05373GoremeFornoeydIVinduskarmen.JPG
DSC05385-6GoremeOppePaaVidda.JPG DSC05400GoremeGullrekke.JPG DSC05406GoremeStraaIDal.JPG DSC05426GoremeSnartSolnedgang.JPG
DSC05437GoremeHoeyLast.JPG DSC05448GoremeKappadokialamper.JPG DSC05470DerinkuyuInnbiltSvangerskap.JPG DSC05487IhlaraTyrkiskNymfe.JPG
DSC05508IhlaraAdventure.JPG DSC05578GoremeLokalRestaurant.JPG DSC05584GoremeAprikosTilToerk.JPG DSC05588GoremeSkyMoeterFjell.JPG
DSC05601GoremeTooBrightToBear.JPG DSC05604GoremeTegneserielandskap.JPG DSC05606-8v1GoremeJustNice.JPG DSC05638GoremeFjellMotSoeroest.JPG
DSC05648GoremeStiForbiMiniaaker.JPG DSC05670KapadokyaFjelletBakAvanos.JPG DSC05693GoremeDetKveldes.JPG


About the photos:
* Taken with a Sony DSC-H50Link to camera at Amazon.com (fixed lens, not an SLR)
* The 35 photos were selected from about 600 photos I took during this trip
* Some photos were processed using Paint Shop Pro Photo X2 and Nik Color Efex Pro 3

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