Once Upon A Time...

... There was this man who had booked himself onto a snorkelling trip. The time and place for this story is not important. Actually, it is important that we do NOT specify this. It is enough to say that it may have taken place on an island in the tropics. Anyway, this man got up early one morning and headed for the snorkelling shop, where he joined a group of snorkellers and sat happily in the back of a car for an hour, getting to a place where a boat would take them to a spot where the snorkelling supposedly was great.

And it was. Let us not bother with details about that, because this is not what this story is about. When the group came back to the shore in their boat, they were told to wait in a restaurant for a while, until the car would come and get them.

The man who plays the leading role in this story dried himself off with his towel, and then looked around for a place to hang his towel to dry. In a corner of the restaurant he found a small, spherical electric lamp, which seemed perfect for hanging a towel on, so that it would become dry really fast. So he did.

The group bought themselves ice-creams, and soon the car came to pick them up and transport them back to their bungalows. It was once again a happy ride, and the people were very excited about their snorkelling experiences. They talked and talked about it, and some of them forgot to bring their towels, and one of them actually didn't notice until the dark fell that he now only had one large towel left in his backpack. This was, of course, our man.

This was his last day on the island, so the next morning he packed his things into his backpack, and got onto a bus that could take him to the ferry. It would also pass the place where he had forgotten his towel, so that he could jump off for a second to get it.

Strangely enough, when the bus approached the place where the restaurant were situated, the man noticed that there was no restaurant there anymore. All he could see was ashes and some smoke coming from the ground.

The man decided he should buy a new towel, and he was happy to read in the newspapers a couple of days later that noone had been injured in the fire.

The End.

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