Ah... Books. Its those thingies consisting mainly of paper and print, isnt it? Ok. I like them. Especially red ones, I think. I read one once. It was lots of weird things in it. Especially the fly I flattened between page 22 and 24. It was flatter than a flat flat. Anyways, when I was at page 153 or something, suddenly they'd made a tv miniseries from the book. I dunno how, but they sure had done it. So there I sat... Feeling pretty stupid. Been reading this book for some 3 weeks, day and night, and all of a sudden its reduced to 4 hours in front of the telly.

Oh well, dont let my depressness affect your view on books. Take a look below. You may find some readable stuff eventually. Enjoy.

I can recommend a short visit at the Bullious Bookshop. John Cleese awaits you in here and can't wait to play the role of annoyed proprietor in the way only he can.