Errrrrrrrrrrrrrr.... Its a month, isnt it? And a girls name for people that hasn't learned to spell Mai the way it should be. Take a look in Websters, will you? (Operates every now and then. Honestly!!!)

Websters is right here: You MAY want to just point at the word and do your clicking from there. Time will tell.

If you don't get through, here's what you'd find anyways:
1may \(')maE\ past might \(')muEt\; pres sing & pl may [ME (1st & 3d sing. pres. indic.), fr. OE maeg; akin to OHG mag (1st & 3d sing. pres. indic.) have power, am able (infin. magan), Gk meEchos means, expedient] (bef. 12c)
1a: archaic: have the ability to
1b: have permission to :be free to -- used nearly interchangeably with can
1c: used to indicate possibility or probability ; sometimes used interchangeably with can tat I may not weep> or contingency or concession or choice
4: SHALL, MUST -- used in law where the sense, purpose, or policy requires this interpretation usage see CAN

2may \'maE\ [ME, fr. OE mae-g kinsman, kinswoman, maiden] archaic :MAIDEN

May \'maE\

[ME, fr. OF & L; OF mai, fr. L Maius, fr. Maia, Roman goddess]
1: the 5th month of the Gregorian calendar
2 often not cap: the early vigorous blooming part of human life: PRIME
3: the festivities of May Day
4 not cap
a: green or flowering branches used for May Day decorations
4b: a plant that yields may: as
4b (1): HAWTHORN
4b (2): a spring-flowering spirea
May \'maE\