British Airways

This very fine company shows the exquisite British sense of style,
even when it comes to the airsickness bags.

The front gives quite a few clues as to what uses you might find for
the bag, without really showing what the bag originally was meant
for. Boooh. Anyway, feel free to fill this bag with solid litter,
cans or cups, as long as you don't put any cigarettes or uhm...
liquid drinks in it. Errrrr... No drinks? Sounds like this bag might
fail the ISO9000 barfbag standard. Oh well. What they WILL allow you
to do, is to leave the bag at your seat.

And on the backside... ... you will find, for your and a lot of other people's convenience, a very thorough written instruction manual for the bag, in case you didn't notice the pictures on the front. Well, except here the bag suddenly has become waterproof, but it is of course just provided for your use in flight to collect "general waste". In that case, they will dispose of it, after your flight. Still, IF it is used for airsickness, you must hand it to the cabin crew for disposal, IMMEDIATELY!

If you don't know how to read English, fear not. The instructions are there in French, German, Italian, Spanish, Hebrew, Arabian, Japanese, Chinese and Greek as well. Uhm... And if you're Norwegian or of some other absurd nationality, you're probably sane enough to get the picture from the errrrr... pictures.

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