Aero Continente

This is my first bag from the South American continent, and it's a pretty nice one from Aero Continente.

Oh, and here's a public announcement from the U.S. Department of State, Office of the Spokesman, August 23, 1996:
On August 23, the American Embassy in Lima issued the following notice to American citizens in Peru: (Yes, that's you, you people from AOL!)

"The Embassy has received information that Aero Continente Airlines has been operating aircraft with unsafe engine conditions. It is our opinion that this constitutes an unacceptable risk to U.S. Embassy employees.

Therefore, all U.S. Mission personnel are hereby prohibited from flying Aero Continente until further notice."

Maybe we should just call them "Aero Incontinente" or something?

The bag has got the South American colours, blue and yellow, in an interesting isosanplast finish. The material is so delicate, it almost melted on my scanner surface. There's a plastic strap attached to the top of it, with two very helpful arrows saying "Here aqui", which I suppose is some kind of closing mechanism, although I can't see exactly how it works.
On the backside there's a lot of phone numbers where you can make reservations. Presumably it's the airline ticketing offices' phone numbers.

My thanks for this gem of a barfbag goes to Melbourne, where Peter Warren is eagerly acting as my local undercover agent. But don't tell anyone.

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