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Though I've played the 3E system, I haven't really created many characters in it. When I do add 3E characters, they'll be identified as such. For now, all I have are a few 2nd Ed characters. In this section, at least. Most of my 3E stuff is in the section titled The Unlit World - so why don't you mosey over there?
Yomo Yomo, a multiclassed fighter/thief/mage/priest. Or something. 

Negorius Dark Master Negorius, a thief/priest/necromancer dedicated to studying death. 

Kimrath Vanduren The insane uncle who also happen to be a powerful mage. 

Katharrn A dark-elf fighter/mage with unique [magical items] and [powers]

Nerg The henchman of a bow-specialist in a previous campaign.