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Creation Myth
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It is said that in the beginning, all that is was like a plate. Not an ordinary plate, to be sure, but a marvellous and magically enameled plate like nothing a mortal mind can comprehend. It was magnificent, it was without limit.

There were two beings of ultimate good and ultimate evil as well. Twins they were, and more akin dragons than any other being which exists today. They were magnificent, they were without limit. Though the one was Evil and the other Good, they were brothers and sisters and twins, and thus they loved one another like siblings do.

The dragon of Cosmic Good spent much of its time polishing the World Plate, breathing on it and then polishing it. In doing so its breath created swirls and eddies on the World Plate, and these swirls and eddies took on a life on its own. And so the first Awakened beings came to be, and they worshiped the breath of Cosmic Goodness that sometimes came, for they could not perceive the limitlessness of the Dragon Brothers and Sisters.

Envy rears its head in even the most harmonious of families, and so it came to be that the dragon of Cosmic Good spent so much time polishing the World Plate and then admiring the resulting swirls and eddies, that the dragon of Cosmic Evil felt neglected and started - secretly - to hate the World Plate that was stealing the affections of its Brother Sister.

The dragon of Cosmic Evil then set it up so that it faked some sniffles, and then let a mighty sneeze blast from its enormous nostrils and mouth, smashing into the World Plate. And the World Plate was spattered with droplets of snot and mucus, and was shattered into a thousand thousand sparkling shards by this sneeze.

And even the foulness of the Cosmic Evil took a life of its own, and the mucus and the snot spread out and corrupted the shards of the World Plate with their very presence. Evil entered the perfect surface of the once-whole World Plate, and strife was rampant.

But the dragon of Cosmic Good was furious, and the dragon of Cosmic Evil was apolegetic. And the dragon of Cosmic Good started collecting shards, to try and make the World Plate whole again. But the dragon of Cosmic Evil did not want the World Plate made whole again, and started collecting shards of the World Plate as well, to hide for its Brother Sister.

This is how the World Plate was shattered into the Shardstorm that is today. The center piece of the World Plate was a flower, magnificent and intricate, and this center piece was the most perfect of the thousand thousand shards, and thus Pinnacle, our Shard, the Center Shard, came to be.

It is our sacred and joyous duty to try and link so many shards together, so that when the dragon of Cosmic Good finds us, it will make the World Plate anew, forging a perfect world of the shards linked together by the shardways we find, explore, and utilize.
- Keeper Yo'kuuusah of the Ch'ikili Shardlore Association


- Mighty Nk'trgl'k of the Ch'okono Shardpower Faction