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Sample Characters
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As Pinnacle is a high-level campaign, the rewards are great.

So are the risks. Just to be on the safe side, though, I've made a few player character style characters (i.e., full allotment of gold to use on starting equipment), just to see what I'm getting into here. And, obviously, with a quick change of name and appearance, any one of these will also fit nicely as a main NPC or something.

 [Lirannath i Haveluam], zealous defender of the green bough

Lirannath i Haveluam hails from an obscure shard somewhere. A shard where the conditions are proper for a lot of forest and little of much else, the city-state of Haveluam consist of a tree-city in a tropical area. Open seas, deserts, and pretty much any open landscape is nigh-unthinkable on this shard. The elves on this shard has a sharp greenish tinge to their skins, and even more pointy ears than is the norm. Furthermore, their essential flightyness and force of personality makes wizards rare - but sorcerers much more common. As such, elves from this shard has sorcerer as favored class. Lirannath is an example of one of the most rare of these elves - a sorcerer with the discipline and inclination of mastering the arcane archery of the elves.

Cleric [Solonor Thelandira] 2, Fighter 2, Sorcerer 6, Arcane Archer 10

 [Nilsik av Gottorby], Mighty Champion of Vaald

Nilsik av Gottorby hails from a cold, brutal shard. Though little known, the inhabitants of that shard knows it as Midtskaar, a harsh name for a harsh people. In this temperate and arctic shard, the humans are much like Norse Vikings, fighting for survival both against the elements and against the Jotun Nation, a loose organization of various lawful and not-so lawful evil giants. Elves and dwarves are nigh-extinct in this shard, and any goblinoid race is completely unknown. The dragons of this shard are particularly loathsome, all coming from the linnorm family - evil, worm-like, and wingless... though as powerful as any of the dragons of other shards. Nilsik is a Shining Blade of Heironeous, mercilessly following the cold, rigid code of that deity, known in this shard as Vaald.

Ranger 1, Cleric 1 [Vaald / Heironeous], Paladin 8, Shining Blade of Heironeous 10

 [Zriton, the Dark Light], Drow Champion of Light

Zriton is one of those rare drow that have fought off the inherently evil influence of the matriarchal drow culture. This did not happen without sacrifice, however. Great sacrifice. In the unlit shard that Zriton hails from, no living creature exists. A world completely overrun by the foul undead, the subterranean stronghold of Radiant Bastion was something as unusual as a stronghold in which drow paladins and duergar priests desperately battled to stem the rising tide of undead. They failed, and nearly all perished. Not Zriton, the Dark Light. Commanded by his superiors to tell the rest of the shards of the rising undead threat, he and a hand-picked others fled the dying shard.

Paladin 19

 [Akira, wandering swordmaster]

Akira is presented in PDF format. I'm experimenting with what I find to be the easiest and best format to put up characters with - I don't know if I'll stick with PDFs. But for now, it'll have to do. There's no background information on Akira yet - and yes, that's a cliched name... For now, there's no Epic progression on Iaijutsu Master either. And can somebody point me to the page for gp values for equipment that's deemed appropriate for Epic PCs?! I mean, I just can't seem to find the table that by all rights should be there!

Fighter 10, Iaijutsu Master 11.

 [Yuriko Mahoroba, traveling priest and martial artist]

Yuriko is presented in PDF format. She's what I consider a proof of concept character - I've tried to create a character to demonstrate why I consider the Sacred Fist prestige class from Defenders of the Faith broken.

Cleric 4, Fighter 2, Divine Champion 5, Sacred Fist 10.