Adanq Smyth

Native of Luna
Male Lunarian 8th level scientist/4th level warrior

Strength14Dexterity17Constitution 12
Intelligence 16 Wisdom 12 Charisma 11

AC 0 (smart suit+Dex), hp 39, THAC0 15 (Dexterity)
Specialized: +2 mono knife


Adanq Smyth was always a feisty one. Getting into trouble quite often, he was something of an embarrasment for his parents - after all, cool-headedness is a pride in most Lunarians. So is proficiency. And young Smyth won the battles he got into. Usually, at least. It wasn't all bad, his parents decided.

Running around being something of a wild child, Smyth joined one of the particular features of Luna - a lunarian "youth gang". Being nothing but organized crime, the lunarian youth gangs are violent and powerful. At least within their own turfs. This particular arrangement suited young Smyth perfectly.

Nevertheless, between all the violence, thefts and so on, he did manage to graduate from college with fairly good to excellent grades - even though he didn't work very much with his homework - he had other uses for his time and efforts.

After a particularly close call against another youth gang because he ran out of ammo, Smyth began being more than a little paranoid about the level and amount of "personal protection devices" he carried on him. Seldom was he seen with less than four individual weapons on himself, and countless reloads to his weapons. He vowed never to be caught unawares again.

But unawares he was caught - again. Being left for dead after a particularly vicious shootout, he woke up deep in unfriendly territory, in a warren that was unfamiliar. It wasn't long before he ran into trouble. Coming upon a particularly nasty surprise left there by RAM Destab agents - a nest of giant, unfriendly rodents known as ratwursts - Smyth thought that this was finally it.

Not so. Coming to his aid was another Lunarian - but armed with a weapon that Smyth never had seen before. Attacking the ratwursts with a lash with a glittering shard of crystal at the end, Woss (though Smyth didn't know his name at the time, obviously) and Smyth was able to exterminate the ratwursts between their combined efforts.

Starting S&W LTD about two years ago, the two friends could finally devote their time to their common passion - weapons. More specifically, man-portable weapons, though Woss does dream of being able to design his own starship weaponry one day. After the accident that cost Woss his eye six months ago, the normally extrovert Smyth has become somewhat more subdued. After all, if he had checked the IHF once again before detonating the shattercone, perhaps Woss would still have his original eye.

Smyth tries to make up for his lapse by checking and working even better than before, and worst of all - Woss seems to have forgiven him. That makes Smyth even more anxious to please Woss, because Smyth feels he hasn't made enough amends yet.

However his life has changed from a youth gang member, to being one of the two founders of a fairly successful business, old habits die hard. Smyth still carries excessive amounts of weaponry on him. The difference is, this time he's carrying weapons he himself and Woss have designed and built.


Smyth is a fairly small, even for a Lunarian, but tightly packed with muscle. Being the more charismatic of the two, Smyth is often the "spokesperson" for S&W LTD, and is also the one more eager to demonstrate their weaponry on the firing range blasted into the regolith behind their shop.

Quite hairless (like almost all Lunarians) but deeply tanned, Smyth has few distinguishing characteristics apart from his muscle-packed frame. And the excessive amount of firepower he lugs around.


Slightly paranoid, passionate when it comes to weaponry, feels guilt for Woss' injury.


Luna, light manufacturing dome 12, outside Korolev dome.

Trademarks: Festooned with weapons, small but muscular lunarian with a chagrined appearance.

Equipment: "Martian" smart suit (AC 3) with ECM pack, utility belt, extra power pack, spacesuit backup, communications pack and Disharmonizer pack, at least five assorted weapons, one "Venusian" (+4 to hit, +4 damage with specialization) mono knife in sheath concealed in the small of his back.