Wilma Deering
Native of Chicagorg Arcology
8th level Terran warrior

Strength14Dexterity16Constitution 13
Intelligence 15 Wisdom 10 Charisma 16

AC 2 (smart suit+Dex), hp 52, THAC0 12 (inc. Dex)


Wilma Deering was born in the large city-state that rises above the shoreline west of Lake Michigan. Her parents were active Reconstructionists, devoted to the reunification of the nations of Earth as independent and self-governing entities. Both of them disappeared while on a diplomatic mission. RAM was suspected for the disappearances and supposed deaths, but nothing has ever been proven.

Wilma fought for several years as an independent "freedom fighter" (RAM calls her a terrorist), sabotaging RAM installations on Earth. She was eventually captured and incarcerated first on Mars (from where she escaped), and then on Calypso (a moon of Saturn). Wilma does not talk much about her imprisonment in either pace, except to say that she made many of her contacts among other revolutionaries, criminals, and pirates. She got free from Calypso during a raid by the infamous pirate Black Barney, and soon made her own name as a privateer in the reaches between Mars and the Asteroid Belt, preying primarily on RAM ships.

After several months, Wilma returned to Earth to officially join NEO, resuming her effort to free her home world from RAM and its Protectorate puppet state. For her actions, she has been sentenced to death in absentia by the Directorate of RAM, with a bonus going to the corporate officer whose troopers bring her down.


Wilma is a tall, striking strawberry blonde with a warm personality. Beneath that serene-looking surface lies an explosive temper (Wilma isn't above throwing things to make a point) and some deep-set opinions about freedom in general and RAM in particular. Wilma feels there is no middle ground in a battle for liberation, and as such can be merciless in a fight. Yet for all of this, she's anything but a humorless revolutionary. She has an impish sense of humor, a fair knowledge of history and popular culture, and can get off a quick quip with the best of them. She also has a weakness for reading romance novels (something Buck teases her about), which may have contributed to her falling for Killer Kane's smooth lines.

As a result of the loss of her parents, Wilma tends to be overprotective of both her younger siblings (Sally and Roberto "Buddy" Deering) or anyone else she considers a friend. Balancing this concern for others is a wild, irrational streak to put herself at personal risk in order to get the job done, particularly if someone she cares about is in danger.

One person who sets off this wild streak is Buck Rogers. The mutual attraction between Buck and Wilma was obvious from the first. But between staying alive and battling RAM, neither one of them has had much of a chance to explore the romantic possibilities.

The other barrier between Wilma and Buck is Killer Kane. Still drawn to the dark, sardonic rocketjock, Wilma's emotions wildly seesaw between absolute loathing and romantic longing. To Buck, Kane is a snake who needs to be stomped, and he has no patience for Wilma's ambivalent feelings.

Traits: Hot-tempered, passionate (either about a cause or a romance), stubborn, soft-hearted where children or other helpless things are concerned; can be an extremely ruthless fighter when she needs to be.

Locations: Chicagorg, the Sprawls, Coprates, deep space, and the Belt.

Trademarks: Flowing blonde hair, piercing blue eyes, blue NEO uniform with full military package, laser pistol and a laser knife (mono knife) hidden in a sheath behind her neck, various gadgets for breaking, entering and assaults. No particular ship.