Khardo Woss

Native of Luna
Lunarian 11th level scientist/5th level engineer

Strength10Dexterity15Constitution 12
Intelligence 19 Wisdom 16 Charisma 7

AC 1 (smart suit+Dex), hp 31, THAC0 15
Special: can use shardlash with +2 to attack roll (engineer ability)


Woss was always the silent and introverted type. Being a genius, he got his science degree one year early, and went to work as an engineer. However, his true love was weapons.

Although the thought of using weapons against another being is usually enough to make him feel queasy, it is the scientific and engineering aspects that are interesting for him. How to deliver maximum energy to a target? How to maximise structural damage while minimising weight? How to work within a given set of parameters to get the most efficient product?

Needless to say, it is Woss that is the "brain" behind many of the S&W LTD designs. Although Smyth is very apt with troubleshooting and testing devices, Woss is usually the one coming up with the design in the first place.

It was actually while he was out on a stroll that he got the chance to use his first design (he always refers to the weapons as "designs", not "weapons"), the shardlash, in a real combat situation. Rounding a corner in an unfamiliar warren and suddenly standing face to face with a pack of angry, overgrown rats, he quickly started using the shardlash for the purpose it was designed for. Together with the inspired mono knife work of another lunarian also trapped by the ratwursts, Woss was able to fairly quickly overcome the ratwursts.

Naturally, they started talking after the fight, excited to still be alive. That was the start of a beautiful friendship.

The only tragic incident happened six months ago. During the testing of the shattercone (a tremendously powerful, crystalline fragmentation missile), the IHF (a defensive measure against crystalline projectiles) was somewhat maladjusted by Smyth. One shard came through the IHF without being shattered to dust, and blasted right through the protective goggles he was wearing, lodging in his left eye.

Even the advanced medical science of the 25th century couldn't undo the massive tissue damage to his eye. However, they could provide him with a new eye. Designing much of the circuitry himself (with the frantic assistance of a devastated Smyth), the pair drew on their experience from the targeting visor and incorporated many state-of-the-art devices into one multi-functional unit. The end result was a bit fragile (hence the orgosteel face halfplate), but far superior to "off-the-rack" devices. And Woss could see again.

He is currently designing a new eye for himself, with the targeting package of the targeting visor incorporated, but works on it only on and off - he is quite happy with his new eye, and is grateful for being able to see again. Woss isn't bitter because of it - it was one of those accidents that just happens - but has decided to not put the shattercone in production. Smyth agreed, something which he seems to do all too readily these days.


A fairly tall (for a lunarian), slender, and pale lunarian, Woss' most distingushing feature is the orgosteel plate that protects his left side of the face - primarily the cybernetic replacement eye he had to have installed after an accident during the testing of the shattercone.

His cybernetic eye is a pale, dull red encased in the dull black of the orgosteel protective half-faceplate - contrasting sharply with his watery blue flesh-and-blood eye. Woss usually carries an exceptional quality shardlash he has hand-made for himself, and is very proficient with it, and it usually is the only weapon he carries.


Introverted, intellectual, intense, little patience for small talk.


S&W Ltd, located in light manufacturing dome 12, just outside Korolev dome, Luna.

Trademarks: Fairly tall and slender lunarian, shy, plucks at the edge of the faceplate protecting his cybernetic eye, intense.

Equipment: "Venusian" (AC 2) smartsuit with spacesuit backup, security pack, comm pack, utility belt, extra power pack, ECM pack, Disharmonizer pack, "Venusian" (+2 to hit and damage) shardlash, "Martian" (+1 to hit and damage) crescent blaster in chest holster, cybernetic eye and protective faceplate for left side of face (allows IR goggles effect, protective goggles effect, macrobinocular effect - only one eye affected, giving -15% Notice and/or -2 penalty "to hit").