New weapons for the Buck Rogers in the XXVc Century Role-Playing Game
I made these weapons for the RPG-system, and just got to warn everybody that they're not playtested. Yet.
Laser Carabine | Gatling Laser | Tri-barrel Needle/Bolt Gun | Cone Rifles | Wrist Rockets

Laser Carabine

    The laser carabine was designed from a desire to have a more powerful weapon available than the laser pistol, yet not as bulky as the laser rifle. Simply put, it was to be a compromise between a rifle and a pistol. Designed using data gained from the failed Doomsday experiment, RAM has over the past month released the laser carabine to field testing. At the moment, only RAM have the technical know-how to produce this extraordinary weapon, as they are the only ones with the information on how to make the energy-absorbing and -releasing lens critical to the function of the weapon.
Cost: Unknown (2500+)
Size: Muzzle 12" long
Weight: 3
Range: 1200
Damage: 1d10 + variable
ROF: variable (max ROF: 1)
Shots: 14

	Capacitor Clip (uses two at the same time)
	Cost: 25cr *2
        Size: 3" x 2" x 1"
        Weight: 4 oz.
The laser carabine is a bit more bulky than a laser pistol, and have the same features as that weapon. Due to the Doomsday technology incorporated in the weapon, it can release a very powerful beam if the weapon is allowed to charge itself. Its maximum ROF is 1, but the blast can be delayed to allow the weapon to charge more. Each round after the first the weapon is charging, it uses one "shot" - thus, if the weapon is fired after 3 rounds of charging, that shot takes 3 points of "shot", and deals 1d10+2 points of damage. The weapon can be charged for a maximum of 13 additional rounds, delivering 1d10+13 points of damage.

The charge in the weapon cannot be retained at all - the instant the weapon is empty of charges, the weapon will discharge (if it has 3 shots left, and is set to charge, the weapon will discharge in the 3rd round no matter what).

Gatling Laser

    The gatling laser takes the idea behind the Tri-barrel Bolt & Needle gun and applies it to laser technology. Though itself a novel design, it suffers from the same birth pangs as any new technology.
Cost: 1200cr
Size: Muzzle 9" long
Weight: 7
Range: 600
Damage: 1d6 / 2d6 / 3d6 / 4d6 / 5d6
ROF: 1 volley
Shots: 7 volleys

	Capacitor Clip (uses five at the same time)
	Cost: 25cr * 5
	Size: 3" x 2" x 1"
The gatling laser is basically three barrels mated to a stock, with the barrels configured in a triangular design. It can fire one "volley" of 5 individual shots at the same time, creating the potential of devastating firepower.

The volley can either be targeted at one target, or divided among up to five targets. For every point the character beats the to-hit number, one extra beam will hit the target, up to the number of beams fired at the target. For every target above one, the character will get a cumulative -2 penalty to his to-hit roll. The inherent inaccuracy in this weapon gives an extra -1 penalty (not cumulative).

The gatling laser will drain all its power through its overload circuitry if a "2" to hit is rolled, and must pass a ST (hard plastic) or need repairs amounting to 200cr (Average Repair Weapon). The gatling laser will possibly melt (ST (hard plastic)), and may even explode (ST (hard plastic) -2, 1d6-1 rounds until it explodes, power equal to [number of shots left]d4) on a roll of "1". It will no matter how it goes need repairs amounting to 500cr (Difficult (.5) Repair Weapon).

Example: Johnny the Crazed Gunman is firing at a squad of Terrines with his new gatling laser. The Terrines have (through their heavy body torso armor) an AC of 4. Johnny has an effective THAC0 of 17. He decides to incinerate one of the Terrines, and gives the Terrine a full volley of gatling laser fire. The to-hit number is 14. If Johnny rolls 14, he will have hit with only one beam, and roll 1d6+1 (he is specialized with gatling laser) damage. If he rolls 18, however, he will have hit with all of the beams, rolling 5d6+1 damage. Scary.

Example: Johnny's just gained a level, and faces a lot of angry Terrines (again!). This time, however, there're A LOT of them, and he decides to really let loose. He decides to fire at three targets, giving them two, two and one bolt. Johnny has an effective THAC0 of 15 (he specialized in gatling laser again, of course). The to-hit number for the first Terrine is 12, and if Johnny rolls 13 or more, he has hit with both beams, rolling 1d6+2 or 2d6+2 in damage. The to-hit number for the second Terrine is 14, and if Johnny rolls 15 or more, both beams will have hit that one too. The to-hit number for the third Terrine is 16.

Tri-barrel Needle Gun / Bolt Gun

    The "original" multiple-mechanism weapon, equally good for both bolt guns and needle guns. Though a bit unwieldy, it has a fearsome damage capacity, and will probably leave your enemies looking like pin cushions.
Cost: 700cr / 850cr
Size: Muzzle 18" long / 18" long
Weight (unloaded): 6 / 6
Range: 300 / 400
Damage: (1-3)d3 / (1-3)d4
ROF: 3 "volleys" / 2 "volleys"

	Needle Ammo Clip (uses three) / Bolt Ammo Clip (uses three)
	Cost: 10cr / 10cr
	Size: 4" x 3" x 1" / 4" x 3" x 1"
	Weight: 1 / 2
The mechanics for this weapon is the same as for the gatling laser, though this weapon can fire multiple times. Each volley is counted as a separate "shot", and the inherent inaccuracy in the weapon gives a separate -1 penalty. The cumulative -2 penalty for multiple targets apply here, too.

Example: Johnny's brother, Insane Gregory, likes his Tri-barrel Bolt Gun better than his brother's "toy", and decides to help out with blowing Terrines away. He's fairly good with his bolt gun (effective THAC0 16), and decides to "let it rip" at one Terrine. The to-hit number is 13. If he rolls 15 or better, the Terrine got 3d4+1 damage.

(Note: I still think that specialists with this weapon - i.e. needle guns more than bolt guns - are scary. Imagine a warrior with a "Lunarian" (+4 dam) needle gun, triple specialized. Three shots at 1d3+7 per shot, with a THAC0 that's laughably low. Even more so with the Tri-barrel, though getting better-quality weapons than the "standard" variety might be a bit of a problem.)

Cone rifles

    The cone rifle is essentially the shotgun of the 25th Century. Employing a hail of ceramic shrapnel propelled by a small explosive charge, it is very effective against unarmored or slightly armored targets, and unaffected by field fences. Essentially a low-tech weapon, it is very reliable and a cheap, though ineffective (against well-armored opponents) means of defending oneself. Needless to say, cone rifles are popular in the sprawls of Earth.
Cost: 150cr (250cr)
Size: 3'
Weight (unloaded): 3
Range: 60
Damage: variable (6+AC-spread)
ROF: "2" or 1 (1)
Shots: 2 (5)

	One Conerifle Shell
	Cost: 3cr
	Size: 2" x 1/2" (cylinder)
	Weight: 1 oz.
(Stats in parantheses for the pump-action variant of the cone rifle, the main stats for the break-action side-by-side variant of the cone rifle. It is also available in "single shot", and might even be available in an automatic version)

A cone rifle is an area-effect weapon, using much the same rules as a heat gun but with a wider spread. The blast is 1' wide after 10', 2' wide after 20', and so on, to a maximum of 60 feet. The damage is based on the AC of the target, and the cone rifle will not penetrate fully sealed heavy body armor or better (AC 2 or better) at all. The character rolls a THAC0 against all targets in the area (friends or enemies have nothing to do with it - if it is an eligible target, a THAC0 roll is called for) with a +4 bonus to the to-hit roll because of the wide spread of the blast. Remember range penalties, though.

Example: A guy (probably the father of Insane George and Johnny) is firing his trusty cone rifle at two sprawlers (AC 7) that has come to bug him. He decides to give them both barrels, with his THAC0 of 19 he should be able to hit them, considering they're only 12 feet away. The sprawlers are, unlucky for them, close enough that both blasts will affect both of them.

The to-hit number to hit the sprawlers is 7, and if he hits, he will do 6+7-1 (each 10' multiple away is a -1 to damage), or 12 points damage. He'll probably hit both both times, doing a net total of 24 points of damage. To both.

Wrist rockets

    Wrist rockets are usually only installed on rigid armor, i.e. the Battle Armor and Heavy Body Armor variants. It is, quite simply, a miniatyrized rocket pistol capable of firing up to five shots in a given round, as a one-target only "volley". The design is somewhat similar to the guns worn by Boba Fett. The stats given is for one wrist mount - one can of course mount a number of wrist rockets equal to the number of wrists one has.
Cost: 300
Size: Muzzle 2" long
Weight: 1
Range: 100
Damage: 1d4+number of shots (i.e. min 1d4+1, max 1d4+5)
ROF: 1 (1-5 shots in one "volley")
Shots: 5

	"Smart" Ammo Clips (one is needed to reload a wrist mount)
	Cost: 50cr
	Size: 5" x 2" x 1"
	Weight: 1
These wrist rockets are a last-ditch defense. The triggers (one for each tube) are usually mounted in the glove, to be trigged by a specific move of the hand (usually a snap wrist action), and the designated tubes fired with pressure on the trigger pads. Though last-ditch, they can be quite effective when dual mounted (-2/-4 penalty to-hit if both are fired at the same time), for a potential of 2d4+10 points of damage (plus double specialization of course) if both volleys hit. This weapon is most uncommon in the 25th century, though some pirates and gadget-freaks like it. Notably, Black Barney does not mount this system. (Actually, it would interfere with his wrist-dagger action, but that is not known to the general public ;)