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The UPF Heavy Cruiser Challenger is presented to Star Frontiers(r) players by the following people. If you enjoy the site and use the drawings in your game, or if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to send us some mail:

  • Doug Horton, designed the Challenger and wrote the following documentation. He sent his original copies to:
  • Frank W. Patnaude, Jr., who was kind enough to scan the original drawings and email them to:
  • Christopher Smith, who performed cleanup on the graphics and created/maintains this site.

    Well, created and maintained and created and maintained. Not quite true, is it? Nevertheless, as I don't believe in stealing other peoples' work, I just sort of left it in there anyways - which I'll continue doing. I'll rather make my own notes in little things like this.

    Star Frontiers(r) is a registered trademark of TSR(r) Inc. and is used here without permission. If TSR asks me to remove this site, I will probably comply. So take copies of this information if you want it, because if TSR shuts it down it may not be back.

    Sure, this was originally made for the Star Frontiers game, but it's a cinch to convert to the Buck Rogers in the XXVc Century RPG system as well. Just you wait and see. Not very surprisingly, perhaps, is the fact that Buck Rogers' another TSR game - so it shouldn't surprise anyone that it's easy to convert from one to the other.