Challenger Statistics

Tonnage: 1000 tons

Hit Points: Armor Class: 0 (Battler)
Weapons: 1 plasma cannon, 4 torpedoes, 30 missile mounts, white noise broadcaster, anti-missile missiles, two batteries of 15 pumped lasers each, two batteries of 15 light acceleration guns each Crew: 180 nominal, 300 maximum
Speed: 2
Reaction Bonus: +2
AC Defense Bonus: +4

Special: The plasma cannon is devastating, but no other weapon can fire on that target which the plasma cannon fires upon. The reload cost represents the special plasma canisters that are excited in the fusion chamber of the plasma cannon, containing the materials for the plasma. The torpedoes are an innovation that RAM tries to keep secret - i.e., destroying all witnesses to their use. The white noise broadcaster is in essence a giant raser (see the Hardware source book if you got it - if not, enough stats are given for you to use the white noice broadcaster). The anti-missile missiles won't be of any use against K-cannon projectiles or light and heavy acceleration gun projectiles, but will work just fine against missiles from missile mounts and heavy missile mounts, not to mention torpedoes.

The Challenger carries shuttles, similar to scout cruisers. Make up other stats if you like them better. Its engine configuration lessens the hit points of the engines somewhat, but grants it more speed than other ships its size.

Description: The Challenger is a fairly old battler, and it shows. Lacking the tremendous firepower of ships like the RMS Tharsis, it is nevertheless much more powerful than a heavy cruiser, and quite capable of dominating a battlefield. Its crew complement is much smaller than modern-day battlers, and as such they are little use in large-scale troop deployments. However, the Challenger is extremely fast for a ship its size, and often functions as a forward base until other RAM ships can get there. Usually, the Challenger will not be a part of a fleet formation, as it is designed to be as autonomous as possible.