Kafer Battleship cruiser statistics
As before, the usage of the term "Kafer" doesn't imply any infringement on 2300AD copyrights.

Tonnage: 700 tons

Hit Points: Armor Class: 4 (Maximum Military)
Weapons: 6 large particle beam projectors, 12 medium particle beam projectors, 4 grappling lance projectors, 2 sonic hammer mounts Crew: 388 nominal, 400 maximum (120 engineers (80 Ylii), 18 TAC (9 Ylii), 60 bridge crew (40 Ylii), 142 troopers (40 Ylii), 40 science crew (40 Ylii), 8 medical crew (8 Ylii))

Speed: 2

Special: Note the increased Hull hit point total, to reflect the extensive armoring done on the Battleship. Also, it has twin fusion drives far outstripping its real needs, reflected in the increased Speed code and Fuel and Engine hit point totals. Further, the Beta has a number of special weapons that are detailed below.

Sonic Hammer: A sonic hammer mount is placed on each side of the Battleship cruiser. A sonic hammer is a humongous version of the shriecannon, utilizing sound energy to damage the target. As there is no atmosphere in space, the sonic hammer must be touching a ship in order to be used against a target. This is normally accomplished by reeling the ship in with grappling lancers.

Grappling Lances: The grappling lances are special, immensely large spears that can be fired at a target. Provided the grappling lance hits, any ship's (relative) speed code is decreased by one. When the ship's speed code is reduced to 0, it will no longer be able to get away from the Battleship, and allow the Battleship to immediately (in one round) close to boarding range. If a grappling lance misses a target, it may not be fired again for two rounds (allowing the powerful motors to reel the lance in again, and reposition it for a new shot).

The particle beam projectors are huge versions of the man portable versions used by the Kafer, and have no special effects. Note the hit penalty - particle beams have a greater tendency to lose coherency with distance than lasers, thus making them more difficult to target.

Description: Speeding through space on twin cones of furious energy, the Kafer Battleship cruiser does do an admirable job of looking and acting alien. That, coupled with a large compliment of battle-happy Kafer troops and their exotic beam weaponry with beams that coruscates weirdly, and one has something designed to strike fear into any human or gennie's heart. Which is the point, obviously. Designed as a raider, the Battleship cruiser even carries enormously oversized harpoons, to spear and reel in their target like a struggling fish.

Although contrived, the Kafer threat is quite real to any prey they come upon, contrived threat or not. Being killed by a hoax doesn't make you any less dead.