Kukri Class SDB

800dton TL-10 System Defense Boat

Kukri in Action!

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The Ashkha Star Command is proud to announce the latest addition to the fleet, the Kukri class System Defense Boat.

The Kukri is the largest and most advanced craft in the Home Defense Division and will the first craft in the fleet to use laser weapons. Finally lasers have been developed to the point where they are powerful enough and have a sufficient range to be used in space combat.

The Kukri's four 400 Megajoules lasers can fire on targets as far a 300,000km away. However, as fearsome as the Kukri's lasers are, she is also armed with 40 missiles and is capable of engaging six targets simultaneously.

At the heart of the boat are two 1,500MW Power Plants which can fully power all system at the same time. All of this is encase in a 10cm Crystaliron hull and is propelled by an array of 16 Yakdyne engines giving the Kukri a maximum acceleration of 20ms2.

While the boat can accommodate 40 individuals with 32 bunks and 8 staterooms, the normal operating crew is 33 including a 14 member security contingent. This security contingent allows the Kukri to be perform customs and rescue duties in addition to its system defense role.

Overall the Ashkha Star Command is quite confident that that Kukri will help ensure the security and safety of Ashkha for many decades to come.

Note: Less than two years later only two Kukri class System Defense Boats would survive the Invasion of Ashkha by the People's Assembly of Luurin Uugluu.

Ship's Specifications


Engineering Data Electronics Armament
                  ROF  Short        Medium      Long        Extreme
TL10 400Mj laser  100  10:1/13-42   20:1/7-21   40:1/3-11   80:1/2-5
Accommodations Other Damage Tables

(1D20) Surface           Hits                     Systems
1      1-18, Ant         1-20 Elec                PP-60H    MD-1H
2-5    1-10, Ant         1-17, Qtrs; 18-20, Wpns  FPP-2H    AG-2H
6-9    1, AL             1-20, Wpns               HULL-7H   LS-17H
10                       1-6, Fuel; 7-20, Wpns    AEMS-1H   MFD-6x1H
11     1-4, Cargo Hatch  1-10, Hold; 11-20 Wpns   PEMS-1h   PEMS Ant-1h
12-15                    1-3, Wpns; 4-20, Fuel    LSR-8x1H  SSR-32x2h
16-19  1, AL             1-11, Eng; 12-20, Fuel   ELS-9H    AL-8x1h
20                       1-2, Elec; 3-20, Eng     FT-30H    ST-1Hx2
                                                  LB-5Hx4   MT-1Hx8
                                                  All Others-1h

Marc Miller's Traveller's Stats (a.k.a. T4)
Tons: 800 Std (Sphere S)  Volume: 11200 m3      Cost: 933.4Mcr 700.1 w/discount
Crew:  33                 Hi/Md P: 3            Low P: 0
Cargo: 18.5 Std           Controls: Fib/Bridge	TL: 10

Size: 8                              0   Jump
                                     2   Maneuver (HEPlaR, 25G-hours)
Lsr bay	x 4 (+3) 1/2-0-0-0           7.5 Power Plant (3000 MW)
Msl barb x 8 (40x msl all ready)   219.6 Fuel (S 320 R 3)
    (2 x batteries, 4 barb. ea.)     2   Sandcasters (40 cans)
MFD 2x(+3) (6 ctrld)                A4 P4 J0   Sensors (0 Stealth/Cloak)
                                    30   Armor  18 Structure
                                    28   Length (m)

Crew: 33(1xCommander, 1xSub Commander, 1xMaster-at-Arms, 1xPilot, 4xLaser Gunners, 
         2xMissile Gunners, 2xSand Gunners, 3xEngineers, 2xSensor Operators, 
         1xCommunications Operator, 1xDoctor, 1xLeader, 1xSub Leader, 12x Troopers)

Facilities: 1 x sickbay, 32xSmall Staterooms, 8xLarge Staterooms 

Option: Bruce Alan Macintosh posted his list of QSDS sensors design with 
FF&S2. If those sensors are used in place of the current QSDS sensor the 
Kukri's sensors would be: Small Mil: Power 7.0MW,  Cost 135.0MCr, Area 26.5m2, 
Vol 5.1dton, Minimum Hull size 40dton, Rating A11.5 P13.5 L14.5 JA11 JP0, 
Crew  2.0.  With these sensors the Kukri cargo would be reduced to 15.3dton.  
The ship's cost would be increased to 1000.4MCr and the discounted cost would 
be 750.3MCr if the sensors are considered standard QSDS components or 784.8MCr 
if not.
Design notes
By Chris Cox A.K.A. chriscox@ix.netcom.com
Copyrightę 1997 by Lawrence C. Cox
Traveller is a registered trademark of FarFuture Enterprises. All rights reserved.