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Deck Layout

Red Thunder Layout

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Decks 1 and 2 - Sky Deck and Bridge

Decks 1 and 2

Deck one - the Sky Deck - is somewhat unusual in a ship that is, at least nominally, a military ship. Although about a fourth of the ship is packed with optical sensors of all sizes and descriptions, it is also a favourite relaxation and "promenade"-deck. Nothing is quite like gazing out into infinity with nothing more than a couple of inches of armored plexisteel between you and it. A very huge, spacious, and very beautiful it.

Deck two - the Bridge - is far more business-like. Having watch at all times, the Bridge is where the Red Thunder's important controls are located. There is also a weapons locker located on this deck. The officer on guard is authorized to open this locker.

Decks 3 and 4 - Main Hatch and Computer Decks

Deck 3 and 4

The Main Hatch deck contains a number of important features. Not only does it contain the spacesuit lockers and main armory, it also contains the escape pods and one of the airlocks on the Red Thunder.

The computer deck is where the mainframe computer is located. Although of insufficient complexity to safely hold anything more than a low-level (1st - 3rd level or so) DP, its processing power is quite staggering. The robotic recharge terminals are also located here, allowing technicians to reprogram and maintain the maintenance drones of the ship.

Deck 5 - Crew Quarters

Deck 5

The crew quarters are fairly self-explainatory. Containing spacious living quarters for the ship's crew, this deck also contains the briefing room and the captain's quarters. The captain's quarters also contain a kitchenette, a holographic fireplace, and enough space to entertain a couple of guests - a home away from home, such as it is. It also contains the captain's personal weapons locker.

The crew of the parasitic lander of the Red Thunder usually bunk down in the Lander, as there just isn't space aboard the Red Thunder to properly accomodate them.

Deck 6 - Mess Hall / Rec Deck

Deck 6

Containing the mess hall and the recreation deck, deck 6 is a favourite of the off-duty segment of the ship's crew. The spacious mess hall has ample room for the ship's crew to eat, creating a cozy and relaxed atmosphere. The crew of the Red Thunder's lander also eat here when they can. Further, this level also includes a multi-gym (weight room), the holographic theatre, and the main food storage areas of the Red Thunder.

Deck 7 - Lab / Medical Deck

Deck 7

Being the main lab and medical deck, deck 7 also contains the probe launch system, including the actual storage of the probes that the Red Thunder carries. The probes are useful in gathering all sorts of intelligence, and can also do fairly detailed surveys of planets or suchlike that the Red Thunder orbits, or indeed act as forward observers.

The fully equipped medical section of the deck contains four beds with full Life Suspension equipment, and two fully-equipped surgery rooms. The medical computer on this deck is completely separate from the ship's mainframe, and has an independent power source good for 25 standard hours should the main power fail.

Deck 8 - Engineering Deck

Deck 8

Containing the life support equipment and backup bridge systems, the engineering deck is perhaps the second-most important deck of the ship, the bridge being on top. Through here, there is also access to the twin fusion drives that both power and propel the Red Thunder through space. Although the actual work pods are located in separate compartments on deck 9, the access to the two work pods are located on this deck.

Deck 9 - Storage Deck

Deck 9

Being the only deck with a sliding-door arrangement to open large areas of the hull for the loading and unloading of large equipment, the storage deck has a double hull against the engineering deck to ensure pressure integrity, even when the Red Thunder has sustained heavy battle damage. Access to any parasitic landers is also here, as is the maintenance access to the workpods' compartments.

Landing module - Deck 1 - Living Quarters / Lab

Landing module - Deck 1

The Red Thunder is fairly unique in carrying up to two dedicated parasitic landers. Although being fairly packed with equipment, even the landers feature a fairly spacious environment to work in. The topmost level of the lander contains the lander's labs and living quarters, as well as the ready room as well as most of any spare parts that the lander carries.

Landing module - Deck 2 - Maintenance and Vehicle Deck

Landing module - Deck 2

Containing life support and the lander's mainframe, the more important feature of this deck (at least space-wise) is the two bays usable for transporting smaller vehicles. One of the bays is usually reserved for an explorer vehicle, while the other bay is usually reserved for a jet car or small rotorwing craft.