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The Rolling Thunder is a prime example of the Lunarian Galileo-class light freighter. Built for speed but unarmed, the Galileo-class light freighter is still capable of doing the job - and often cheaper than anyone else.

The Galileo-class light freighter is somewhat older than the cutting edge of today, and it shows. A "stock" Galileo isn't worth much on the market today - but as the Lunarian government has sold off many of their older freighters to independent contractors relatively cheaply, there are plenty of them out there.

Although there are rudimentary wings on the Galileo class freighters, it is important to remember that they were originally a Lunarian design. It should be no wonder that they handle like a dead hexapod in atmospheres thicker than the traces found on Luna - which is to say mostly anywhere. Therefore, the Galileo class freighters (and, indeed, many other Lunarian ships) usually keep to orbiting spaceports and asteroids.

An example of a Galileo-class freighter: The Rolling Thunder

Purchased by a wannabe freighter pilot, The Rolling Thunder met little initial success. After a while, the wannabe freighter pilot, one Belter named Carlwyn Heiger was approached by an unassuming man wondering if he wanted to sell The Rolling Thunder. Carlwyn Heiger was offered a price slightly above what he had paid for the freighter, and immediately took the man up on his word - laughing as he walked away with a decent amount of credits in his pocket.

Thus, The Rolling Thunder ended up in the hands of The Black Brotherhood. Quietly shipping it off to their secret asteroid base in the Belt, The Rolling Thunder was significantly upgraded. Better engines, better life support systems, and a more rugged hull was all installed. A bit of armament was even thrown in in the bargain, as any pirate worth his salt (or, indeed, Gravitol) knows that one sometimes has to use something other than harsh language to make one's point.

In placing the weaponry, the wings proved useful. Concealed in the radio linkups and sensor antennae, the Black Brotherhood put a missile launcher and a laser cannon. Normally, they would remain unseen - but should an occasion ever arise where one had to bite a bit after barking, The Rolling Thunder should be able to hold its own - and all without reducing cargo space.

Thus, the new career of The Rolling Thunder started. Carting around goods that the cruisers of the Black Brotherhood "provides", The Rolling Thunder is now something of a mobile fence, buying and selling restricted items, weapons, armor, and what have you.