About the Buck Rogers setting
The following text was converted from a text about Star Frontiers, another TSR game, but fits exceedingly well for Buck Rogers as well.
Golden Age Science Fiction

Buck Rogers is a Golden Age Science Fiction RPG. Unlike most modern SF genres (and the real world), it is based on the principle that technological change will not continue to accelerate (or, for that matter, that the rate at which tech. change accelerates will not continue to acclerate), and that human nature will remain unchanged, as will our (actually 1950s American) culture.

Energy Weapons

Unlike the real world, energy weapons are at least as efficient as kinetic energy weapons. (In the real world, energy weapons require highly efficient power storage systems, and a power system that efficient would be better applied to railguns and the like. Also, problems such as diffusion, atmospheric lensing, and the like make them less efficient).


There are no cybernetics in the GASF genre - when prosthetics are used, they are just replacements for lost limbs; they're no better than real limbs, and they don't (except in very rare circumstances) have concealed weapons or hidden compartments. The only exception to this is for some non-human types, but these are usually morality lessons about the dangers of becoming more machine than human.


When gengineering is used, it is used to create new species or subraces; it is not (and can not be) used to design killer viruses or modify individuals. Life extension is possible to some extent, but immortality is not (and even if it was, it wouldn't be desired by any sane individual in the GASF genre).

Here Buck Rogers differ a bit from "standard" GASF - they do use gengineering, it can be used to create killer viruses, and to a certain extent it can modify individuals.


Computers are, in many ways, inferior to modern systems. While they are usually easier to use, they are bulkier than modern computers of equivalent power, they use simple networking paradigms (usually only allowing two computers to link to each other), and generally use voice or non-GUI interfaces only - there is no cyberspace or netrunners. Computers are not integrated into individuals - the idea of merging human (or gennie, or whatever) and computer is unnatural in the GASF genre.

Recreational Drugs

Recreational drugs are rarely encountered in the GASF genre - alcohol is much more common. There are certainly no neo-drugs (wireheading, BTL chips, etc).