Runny N came about because we were about to play Feng Shui again, and I had lost my previous character. I've still not found him, by the way. My earlier character was more of a Jackie Chan look-alike, and I was trying to come up with something a little more ... original for my next character. One of my friends, who had played a big bruiser archetype the last time we had played Feng Shui, had grown frustrated with the low AV of one, and felt like trying something else as well. While we took the tramp down to where we'd play, we had a little brainstorming session, and out of this Runny N and Doc Dee popped out. Screaming.

Game mechanics...

Both Doc Dee and Runny N were created using the Martial Artist archetype. However, neither turned out "normal", by any stretch of imagination.


Imagine, if you will, an Afro-American 1.9m tall, with thick-soled Kiss-like boots adding another 5cm, and an afro-hairdo to end all afro-hairdos. Couple that with a lot of golden chains, a black shirt, and a green, gold-lame three-piece suit, and you have Runny N. Add to that a propensity for shouting various slogans (Examples: "Rodney King!", "Black Power!", "Black is Beautiful!", "Stop the Oppression!"), and he's pretty much come to life. (I'm considering taking his boots as a Signature Weapon...) As you may've gathered, Runny N is easily excited. And perhaps even more easily oppressed. Many times, the people oppressing Runny N have no idea that they're oppressing anyone, much less Runny N. To their eventual chagrin.


Both Doc Dee and Runny N claim to be sent out to "defend the rights of the Brothers in Hong Kong", and thus they fight racism and oppression against Blacks (excuse me, Afro-Americans) whenever they encounter it in Hong Kong. Unfortunately, they're usually the only Negros running around in good ol' HK, so they usually end up fighting for each others' rights. However, Runny N seems to be somewhat subservient to Doc Dee, as Doc Dee seems to have a higher rank in whatever organization they claim adherence to.

Their vehicle of choice is of course a '55 pink cadillac convertible, in which they have strapped an ancient 8-track player to the dash-board. They're always listening to something really old, and really black, for instance Sister Sledge's "We are family", anything by James Brown ("Sex Machine" and "I feel good" are favourites), anything by Public Enemy (though Runny N usually insist on James Brown just before battle is joined), alternately (if they're looking for trouble), they play Take That. This usually provokes convulsions and froth in Runny N, and homocidal mania in Doc Dee. As we learned one time we played (see "car", below), it wasn't a good idea to play Take That while Runny N tried to drive the War Wagon.

They claim to be emissaries from any number of Activist Groups, usually mentioning different groups every time they're asked. The current list includes, but is in no way limited to, The Afro-American Liberation League - division HK, Islamic Black Power, The Samoan Mafia, Malcolm X Oppression Resistance Movement, The People's Army of Oppression Resistance, Black Tiger's Union of Legalizing Cannabis, The Afro-African Coalition of Unjustly Accused Fighters for Peace, The Hubcap Brothers, Crips, Bloods, Afro-American Nation, Black Green Blue Green Activists, The Foundation of Liberating Afro-Americans through Mother Teresa, Just say No! to Whities, The Black Army of Truth and Justice, The Black Sheep of the Family, and of course Black Teamsters' Union. Combine any of the above for really intimidating organizations.

Are they really members of all, any or none of these groups? Nobody knows. And God knows - maybe they'll get reinforcements from the USA some day, creating havoc in HK when 20 fighters fight for their Black rights, driving around in a fleet of pink Cadillacs.

The War Wagon...

Their vehicle of choice is of course a '55 (or any year will do, as long as it is below '67) pink Cadillac Convertible. The last War Wagon was crumpled around a tree during a rather embarassing episode involving a tree jaywalking, and a wrought-iron gate which barred our way - not - not to mention the old lady in the tiny Honda, whose Honda they appropriated for the Cause. Obviously, their huge afros didn't fit in the car, but that was easily remedied - though it was fairly difficult to steer the Honda with your head out the window.

The Man...

The only chink in Runny N's Black Armor, is that he's totally in love (in a male, non-sexual way) with Bruce Lee, usually called The Man by Runny N. If there's a Bruce Lee movie rolling on the boob tube, Runny N is immovable unless there's something really, really, really important going down. He's especially excited during the nunchaku scenes, shouting "Whack 'im" and other encouragements as appropriate. (Or perhaps not appropriate, but still.)

Runny N thinks that his pair of golden nunchakus were a gift from The Man himself, which appeared in a particularly strange trip once in Bronx. Evil tongues are saying that the trick Doc Dee played on Runny N with the gold paint was cruel, but Runny N is convinced that his nunchuks are a legacy from Bruce Lee, and that him, Runny N, is the new Black Bruce Lee. Thus, he often wears any Bruce Lee t-shirt under his suit instead of a black shirt. However, Doc Dee is categorically denying any connection between the golden nunchuks and himself, though he's often been caught smiling while watching Runny N proffering his golden nunchuks, shouting incoherently about The Man.

The Names have been changed...

What noone knows, is that the names of Runny N and Doc Dee are far from the "cool" Brother names that everyone seems to consider them. Runny N got that name because, while being a kid in the Hood, was chronically cold, and thus had a runny nose. Doc Dee is really Doctor Daffodil, because of his extreme interest for flowers while in Kindergarten.

Runny N

 Attributes   Skills 
 Bod  8   Info / Eastern Gangs  11 
 Chi  1 (Fu=8)   Leadership 7 
 Mnd  5  Martial Arts 15 
 Ref 8  Intrusion  9 
   Drive  9 
   Info / AALL (or whatever)  6 
 Fu Shticks 
 Signature Weapon (Golden nunchakus)
 Bite of the Dragon (+2 Dam 2/3)
 Breath of the Dragon (+3 MA Att. 3/3)
I got these from the Man, an' I'se gonna whack you good if you'se don' stop oppressin' me n' da boyz an' you'se gonna regret oppressin' my people n' stuff n' shit. Black power!