Doktor Kapitan Karl Weber von Holzburg

Expertise:Medical doctor.
Languages:German (native), English, Arabic.
Born:September 23rd 1956, Berlin.

Point totals: 150 + 40 (disadvantages) + 5 (quirks)

ST	10
DX	13 (30)
IQ	15 (60)
HT	10
Speed:	5.75

-5	Hippokrates' Oath
-5	Overweight
-5	Intolerance: Nazists/Fascists
-5	Truthfulness
-5	Compulsive Behaviour: Washes hands often
-15	Pacifism (Self-defense Only)

-1	Speaks English with a horrible German accent
-1	Fond of Food and Drink
-1	Embarassed of Lineage and Father
-1	Freemasoner
-1	Dislike of weapons

10	Magery 1
10	Alertness +2
15	Combat Reflexes
5	Double-Jointed
2	Psionic Resistance +1
10	Wealth: Comfortable

1	Telegraphy		(Mental/Easy)		15-
1	Dancing			(Physical/Average)	12-
2       Photography             (Mental/Average)        15-
4	Acrobatics		(Physical/Hard)		13-
1	Swimming		(Physical/Easy)		15-
16	Karate			(Physical/Hard)		15-
1	Pistol/TL7		(Physical/Easy)		15-
1       English                 (Mental/Average)        14-
2       Arabic                  (Mental/Average)        15-
0       German                  (Mental/Average)        15-
4	Diagnosis/TL7		(Mental/Hard)		15-
2	First Aid/TL7		(Mental/Easy)		15-
6	Physician/TL7		(Mental/Hard)		16-
1	Surgery/TL7		(Mental/Very Hard)	12-
1	Computer Operation	(Mental/Easy)		15-
1	Archaelogy		(Mental/Hard)		13-
1	Physiology/TL7		(Mental/Very Hard)	12-
1	Psychology		(Mental/Hard)		13-
1	Driving (car)		(Physical/Average)	12-
1       Lend Strength           (Mental/Hard)           14-
1       Lend Health             (Mental/Hard)           14-
2       Recover Strength        (Mental/Hard)           15-
1       Minor Healing           (Mental/Hard)           14-
1       Major Healing           (Mental/Very Hard)      13-

Physical description:
        Height: 175 cm tall.
        Weight: 88.5 kg.
        Black hair, graying at the temples.
        Steel-rimmed glasses.
        Normal, vaguely square-ish and heavy face (typical German).
        A bit overweight, but surprisingly nimble considering his build.
        Always clean-shaven.
        Penetrating, grey eyes.

Mental description:
        Karl does not know that he is a magician. He will use his
        spells instinctively on his patients, especially when he watches
        over his patients, and if they are critically injured. He knows
        and agrees with the Hippocratic Oath he has taken, and will follow
        it to the best of his ability.

        Karl is headstrong, but not very stubborn. He is easy to persuade
        if people explain why they want him to do things. Karl
        strongy dislikes being ordered around.

        Karl prefers to be called 'Dr. Weber' by people he doesn't know.
        He is not particularly fond of his full name (and, by extension, his
        family), and will mostly sign papers using the shortened form,
        Dr. Karl Weber. He will sign legal documents and contracts with his
        full, unabridged name.

        Karl isn't very fond of (understatement of the year) nazists/fascists,
        and other forms of nationalistic right-wing radicals. This is in part
        because his father is (or was) an SS Sturmbahnfhrer - and was
        sentenced in absentia for war crimes (further explained in his
        background story). Karl isn't violently antagonistic against people
        expressing right-wing leanings, but will either try to keep away from
        or verbally harass people displaying nazist/fascist/nationalistic
        symbols and opinions.

        Other than this, Karl is fairly open-minded, and not particularly
        fanatical about anything. He isn't married, and women are therefore
        a source of endless fascination for Karl. He does follow a certain
        code of honor, but this is usually merely complementary to his
        Hippocratic Oath, and to a certain extent with his Karate training.

Equipment relevant for the archaeological expedition:
        Colt .45 M1911. (Learned how to shoot in the Bundeswehr.
                         Still has his old service weapon.)
        Doctor's bag.
        A larger facility in camp with more extensive equipment.
        A pair of good binoculars.

Background story:

Karl was born in the Bundesamt Schleswig-Holstein in 1956, on the family grounds. He was introduced to 'correct behavior' early, and was generally annoyed about the Preussian discipline that his governesses and private tutors insisted he had to conform to.

From the first moment he was indoctrinated with the idea that everything that had happened during WW II was necessary, and that his father had been a hero in this war. His father had fallen during some battle or other in WW II, but he had fallen for Das Vaterland, which made it all right. The servants were all women and men in their thirties or forties, and everyone had a 'military posture' - clicking of heels, bowing and so on.

The books he got during his private tutelage were all books that glorified the German participation of WW II. After having read and written an essay on Mein Kampf, he felt that the racial ideology that was presented in the book just didn't feel right. Something was wrong with the entire idea. This was a matter he gave quite some thought.

Sometimes, there were meetings in the mansion, and on these occasions he was sent to bed early. Often, he snuck out to the top of the staircase leading to the first floor - from which he could see the entire hall - and studied the guests as they arrived. They were middleaged men without exception - some limping, some with but one arm or leg - but all of them saluted his mother in a military fashion. For some reason.

One day (he was sixteen at the time) he found out that his mother had left him, and left him in charge of the family grounds and mansion. She had left for Argentina - ostensibly for an extended vacation.

Karl had been enrolled at a boarding school for gifted children, and left for the school on the appointed date. He found that he liked biology better than the other subjects, and further discovered a passion for healing sickness and injuries that made him set his mind to becoming a doctor. He wrote long letters for his mother and sent them to the family mansion, but got no letters in return. As he had more than enough to keep him occupied at school, he didn't think much of it.

One day, people from the German intelligence agency came knocking, and arrested Karl. He was told his mother had fled for Argentina, where she was reunited with his father - that hadn't died in WW II after all. She was a high-ranking member of a nazi ring dedicated to the resurrection of Das Reich, and this ring was now in the process of being stopped.

Karl was deeply shocked, and fled into disbelieving catatonia for seventeen days. When he came to, he told them everything he knew of the ring, about his mother, and what the servants had told him about his father. He even told them everything he knew of the servants. Later investigations showed that every one of the people around him had been members of this ring.

1973 came and went. Karl came to hate nazism, its sister ideologies, and everything it stood for. His burning desire to become a doctor burned ever brighter - he wanted to try and heal the world for this terrible, terrible sickness that caused these destructive and elitist ideologies. In the end, Karl got into medical school, and graduated from there as a medical doctor.

After having done his mandatory stint of three years in the Bundeswehr as a doctor, Karl was free to go wherever he wanted. He decided to go into business for himself, and became after a while a respected and successful doctor in Berlin. His title as a captain is a remnant of the time he spent in the Bundeswehr, and though he is allowed to use the title, it is not something he flaunts.

Just when a desire to travel more around the world had made itself known to Karl, he got the letter inviting him to an archaeological expedition. Always a history buff, archaeology was one of his hobbies since he was little - a hobby blessedly free of nazist and aryan racial theories.

Karl does not know where his parents are, if they are alive and dead, and couldn't care less. He has turned the family mansion into a public museum, and therefore merely the technical owner of the house (his parents have not been heard from, and Karl have therefore had them declared legally dead).

Karl has a comfortable income from his practice in Berlin, and has therefore the financial leeway to devote himself to his hobbies - which are mainly Arabic language and history, and Karate, of course (currently a 2nd Dan Black Belt in Shotokan Karate-Do).