Hey guys! Here's a LONG list of Shadowrun items I've gathered from hard to find places in soucebooks, adventures, etc., combined with some non-cyber versions of usually cyber-only items, and a bunch of "You know, It'd be really nice to have..." stuff. Most of this gear has been playtested, but I STRONGLY recommend each group have a "trial run" to decide if an item is OK to use or not. If one of these things upsets game balance, don't be afraid as a GM to take it out. You may also wish to alter some items to make them fit into your campaign better. Above all- enjoy this stuff!
"Look at all this stuff to BUY!"- Autumn Twilight, power shopper.

Shadow Gear Catalog Winter 2050/2051 (vers. 1.5)

Part 1 Weapons and accessories.

The Uzi 3S.

The new Uzi 3S has all the same features as the standard Uzi 3, but boasts an internal sound suppressor. Concealability: 5 Ammunition: 24(c) Mode: SA/B Damage: 6M Weight: 2.5 Availability: 10/36 hrs Cost: 900Y Index: 2

Silencers/Sound Suppressors

A full line of noise dampening devices:

The Slimline silencer

Smaller than your average silencer, the Slimline provides an equal amount of silencing power without adding much to your gun's profile.

The Mini

Smaller than the slimline, this silencer doesn't dampen the sound much, but doesn't compromise your gun's concealability.

Improved Silencer/Sound Suppressor

No larger than your average silencer/sound suppressor, these devices are quieter.

Shhhh 7000 Sound Suppressor

Extra quiet for those extra sensitive runs. All silencers and sound supressors are available in 100% macroplast versions at double cost.


Dr. What from Harlequin had one and now you can too. A wrist mounted device that inserts a laminated monofilament injector spike with a sensor guided tip into a target in melee. Does 5L stun damage. If counterattack/combat pool dice modified by 1/2 impact armor (because the injector spike is so smart, strong, flexible and thin) do not prevent damage, the target is also injected with a dose of drug. Holds 4 doses- can be same or different drugs. Concealability: 8 Reach: 0 Ammunition: 4(b) Damage: 5L+drug Weight: .5 Availability: 10/96 hrs. Cost : 15,000Y Index: 1

Speed Loaders

Available for most guns. Concealability: 8 Weight: .5 Availability: 2/24 hrs. Cost: 10Y Index: .75


Been around for years- they'll be around for years to come. Concealability: 14 Reach: 0 Damage: (STR-1)L Weight: .1 Availability: 2/24 hrs Cost: 10Y Index: .5

Brass Knuckles

Ditto stiletto. Available in metal or densiplast. Concealability: 16(4 worn) Reach: 0 Damage: (STR+1)M Stun Weight: .2 Availability: 2/24 hrs Cost: 20Y Index: .75

Tracer Rounds

Also known as "lit" ammo. Great for night runs- illuminate target for coordinated attacks. Concealability: 8 Damage: as weapon Weight: .5 Availability: 4/24 hrs. Cost: 30Y Index: 1 (statistics are for 10 rounds)

Needle Ammo

1.5mm explosive ammunition, needle rounds use impact armor. Any weapon can be converted (at 10% of base cost) to use needle rounds. The weapon then uses its normal damage code. However, needle rounds will not penetrate impact armor of 3 or greater as the rigid plating in these types of armor stops them. Needle rounds are useless against vehicles, except to scratch the paint. Concealability: 8 Damage: as weapon Weight: .5 Availability: 4/36 hrs Cost: 40Y Index: 1 (statistics are for 10 rounds)

Powell Knife Pistol

A light pistol disguised as a knife. Perfect for those places where blades are acceptable, but not firearms. Uses hold out pistol ranges, +1 to target #'s. Concealability: 8(12)* Ammunition: 1(b) Mode: SS Damage: 6L/STR(L)** Weight: .5 Availability: 5/48 hrs Cost: 250Y Index: 1 *target # to recognize it as a pistol **pistol damage/ knife damage

Hermetically Sealed Disposable Macroplast Clips

Each hand sealed by a real hermetic mage. Just kidding. Perfect for getting by chemsniffers. Use with macroplast guns for a virtually undetectable combination. Most gun & ammo types available. All slugs are densiplast. Sorry, no APDS.

Cane Sword

Don't go out undefended- or in bad taste. Cane swords are a traditional way to arm yourself inconspicuously. A variety of styles to chose from. Cane knives also available. *to recognize as knife or sword

Melee Weapons


A 50cm haft with a 30cm cable at one end. A 500g densiplast mace head is mounted on the end of the cable.


Two meters long and five centimeters thick with a blunt "point", a lance can be used as a staff or like an old time knight's lance (at up to 560kph!!!)


A 70cm high impact plastic shaft with a 750g densiplast headball (occasionally spiked).


Two meters long, tapering from about 8cm thick at the head to 3cm at the butt. Set with metal or densiplast bosses and a 750g striking head.


A two meter bullwhip of reinforced polycarb filament, breaking strain of about 1,500kg. Two types of attack are possible; the normal lash and the wrap around attack. If the attacker scores more successes than the defender, the whip is then wrapped about the defender, and a strength check is in order to determine who gets pulled to who.

Smoke & Gas Grenades

A popular item- available in motion arrest, 5 phase, 10 phase and 20 phase delays. Smoke/Gas dispersion takes place at 3m radius the first second, 2 more meters the second, and the final meter the third second. Note the cloud deforms to fill the space that encloses it. Mini grenades fill their 4m radius cloud instantly. Smoke & thermal smoke, Neurostun IX, Niref D, Mace XII and Green Ring 4 available. (Yes, nerve gas grenades. Any character stupid enough to use one deserves what they get.) Colorless and odorless gasses have visual and olfactory tracer particles included in the grenade.

Mace XII

A long standing favorite of city dwellers. Adds +4 to all tests for 20 minutes/body or willpower (whichever is higher) test sucesses vs. a target number of four. Speed is instantanious. Uses taser ranges. 10 uses/container. Concealability: 8 Damage: special Weight : .1 Availability: 2/24 hrs Cost: 20Y Index: .75

Green Ring 4

Same effect as Green Ring 3 in the NA Guide to Real Life, but persists for only 10 minutes.

Niref D

A nervous system stimulator, Niref D forces anyone inhaling it to pass a body test (target 12) or add 8 to all their target numbers. This effect lasts or 30 seconds after the victim stops inhaling the gas. Niref D is highly unstable and will fully oxidize in 3 minutes. Speed is instantaneous.


Dr. What's favorite killing drug! As soon as the dose is injected, the drug causes nerve pain (body 8 test to resist) adding +4 to the victim's target #'s. At the end of the turn when the poison was injected, the target must attempt to resist the poison. If it inflicts a deadly result, the pain increases to extreme levels. The victim falls, screaming uncontrollably, and dies in 10 minutes if not treated successfully. If the poison does less than deadly damage, the pain diminishes to dull irritation. Injection only. 40Y/dose.

Part 2 Electronics

Radio Jammer

Blocks all radio communication on selected band or on all bands designated for two-way short range communication. Range can be set at 10m to up to 500m. 100Y, availability: 5/36 hrs.


Sends a radio "white noise" signal powerful enough to disrupt any PANICBUTTON(tm) in the area. 20m range. 200Y, availability: 8/48 hrs.

Portacom Jammer

Sends an oscillating radio signal out on portable phone/portacom frequencies. Keeps units within 10m from functioning, interferes with units up to 50m away. May attract the attention of the phone company (target # of 8, 1 hr. response time if in class B or above area.) 20Y, availability: 4/24 hrs.

Ultrasound Detector/Distorter

The Ultrasound Detector listens for the high frequency sounds emitted by an ultrasound sight, emits a warning beep and triggers the distorter. The distorter sends out the same frequency sound as the sight, interfering with the sight. The sight is practically useless when the distorter is in effect. Concealability: 8 Weight: .2 Availability: 8/48 hrs Cost: 1500Y Index: 1.5

Radio Transmission Scrambler

Similar to the crypto-circuit headware device, this is a non-cyber version that functions in the same manner. Most radios can be adapted to accept scrambler circuitry.

Scramble Breaker

Similar to the Scramble Breaker HD, this is a non-cyber version. Most radios can be adapted to fit one.

Hearing Amplifiers

Hearing amplifiers work in the same way as cyber hearing amp. They consist of a pick-up/amplifier and ear plugs/headphones. They come in ratings 1-8.

Orientation Unit

When in operation, the unit's exact positioning and elevation relative to sea level or street level can be displayed. Interfaces with standard electronic maps. Concealability: 6 Weight: .5 Availability: 5/4 days Cost: 1500Y Index: 1

Enhanced Sunglasses

Tired of bulky, indiscreet goggles? Our new line of vision enhancement sunglasses is for you. Available in thermographic, smartgun display and flare compensation (options are now stackable!)

Portable Motion Detector

Take security with you! Sounds a LOUD alarm when anything within its 90 degree range of vision trips its light & infrared sensors. Can also be set to activate URA (Universal Remote Activation) compatable devices (in 2051, everything from lamps to toasters are URA equipped.) Opposed success test rating vs. stealth of anyone moving less than 1/2 meter/turn. Anyone moving faster than 1/2 meter per turn automatically sets it off. Rated 1-5. Weight: 2 Availability: 4/24 hrs Cost: 200Y x Rating Index: 1.25

Keypad Sequencer

Specially designed to feed keypad locks a series of passcode sequences based on very advanced mathematical algorithms. The device must be attached to the keypad's circuits. Available in ratings 1-6. Weight: .5 Availability: (Rating x 2)/10 days Cost: Rating x Rating x 500Y Index: Like it's legal

Retinal Pattern Input Device

Want to use that retinal duplication cybereye mod.? This device scans in a retinal pattern, then outputs it to your cybereye. Ratings 1-9. Concealability: 4 Weight: .5 Availability: 10/6 days Cost: 1000Y x Rating Index: 4

Retinal Pattern Duplicator

Scans in retinal pattern then projects it on a cybereye-like device. Ratings 1-10. Concealability: 3 Weight: 1 Availability: 14/10 days Cost: 60,000Y x Rating Index: Yeah. Right.

Laser Detector

Checks incoming light for analogous frequencies. Roll rating vs. target # based on laser system & how clean air is. Detects any laser (including targeting lasers, so beware false alarms.) Ratings 1-6. To see if the detector senses a laser system, roll its rating vs. a target number of three times the rating of the laser system, plus any modifiers from the table below.
        Air Quality Modifiers
        +6 for filtered air in airlocked area
        +3 for filtered air in area rooms
                 away from ouside air
        +0 for filtered air
        -3 for unfiltered air
        -6 for dusty or very damp air
Concealability: 6 Weight: .3 Availability: 8/72 hrs Cost: 5000Y x Rating Index: 1.75

Magnetic Anomaly Detector

A hand-held wand-type metal detector. Ratings 1-4. Concealability: 3 Weight: 1 Availability: 8/4 days Cost: 5000Y x Rating Index: 2

Chemical Detection System

A hand-held wand-type chemsniffer. Ratings 1-3. Concealability: 3 Weight: 1 Availability: 12/6 days Cost: 70,000Y x Rating Index: 1.25

Chemical Analyzer

This device requires a small sample of the compound to be analyzed in order to determine its chemical composition. The analyzer will provide the raw chemical composition or breakdown, common or industrial compound names, and will prepare a short precis on the applications and properties of the material in question. A data display device is needed for output. Ratings 1-6, functions at chemistry skill = rating +2. Concealability: 5 Weight: .5 Availability: 4/5 days Cost: 7500Y + 2500Y/level Index: 1

Gas Detector

Characters using a portable gas detecting system must roll a number of dice equal to the system's rating against a target number of six at the first exposure to the gas, and again at every additional second of exposure, adding -1 to the target number for every additional second of exposure. However, some gases are easier to detect than others. For example, the Neuro-Stun series is particularly difficult to detect, and the detection system receives no modifiers to detect these gases. Characters wearing, or in the proximity of, a gas detector may make a Surprise Test to take appropriate action if they have a delayed action available (or act on that combat phase) and are receiving their initial exposure to the gas in the combat phase in which the gas detector sounds the alarm. Concealability: 4 Weight: .5 Availability: (Rating x 3)/7 days Cost: (Rating x Rating) x 5000Y Index: 2

Gas Spectrometer

The spectrometer will provide the raw chemical composition or breakdown, common or industrial compound names, and will prepare a short precis on the applications and properties of the gas in question. It provides a -2 modifier to the perception test for recognizing the presence of a gas. A data display device is needed for output. Ratings 1-6, functions at chemistry skill = rating +2. Concealability: 5 Weight: .5 Availability: 4/5 days Cost: 7500Y + 2000Y/level Index: 1

Part 3 Armor and clothing.

Armor Street Clothes

Tired of looking like a corp suit or salaryman just because you need the armor protection? Now you can dress in the latest street fashions yet not give up your security. Concealability: 12 Rating: (3/1) or (2/2) Weight: 1.5 Availability: 3/24 hrs Cost: 500Y Index: .8

Thermal Regulation Suit

Keep warm or cool from -5 degrees Celsius to 35 degrees Celsius. The Gel Paks last for 108 hrs. The suit does not hamper IR detection of the wearer. Fits easily under clothes or armor. Concealability: 14 Weight: 2 Availability: 6/48 hrs Cost: 8000Y Index: 2

Shadow Suit

Black armored singlesuit- just like the Shadowrunners on trid wear. Buy now and we'll throw in a ninja style hood free. Created expressly for people named Dave. Not stackable with formfitting armor. Concealability: 12 Rating: (4/1) Weight: 1.5 Availability: 6/48 hrs Cost: 800Y Index: 1

Military Chemsuit

The military issue "X-E" suit stops gases that will diffuse through ordinary chemsuits. Concealability: - Rating: 15 Weight: Body x 1.5 Availability: 18/14 days Cost: 15,000Y Index: 2

Fashion Gloves

A full line of synthleather fashion gloves from Vashon Island with a little extra something set into the knuckles and along the edge of the hand: a special formation of thin macroplast with the density of lead. The macroplast is so thin that it doesn't show, so you can't tell it's there unless you pick the glove up. Concealability: - Reach: 0 Damage: (STR+1)M Stun Weight: .2 Cost: 350Y Availability: 4/36 hrs Index: 1

Part 4 Cyberware.


The biomonitor consists of sensors in the lungs, heart, major arteries, adrenal gland, major muscle groups and central nervous system. It displays information such as heart rate, blood pressure, sugar & oxygen consumption, adreanaline/noradreanaline and endorphine levels to the user through a display link. The user can then adjust his or her actions to maximize his or her potential. +2 dice to athletics. Essence: .5 Availability: 4/36 hrs Cost: 40,000Y Index: 1

Cyberarm Add-in Options


Built into a cyberarm, it's undetectable.

Shock Inducer

Like a shock glove, but part of your hand.


Induces taser effects on contact.

Ultrasound Vision Modification

See in complete darkness, through smoke or visual illusions. Works like a bat's radar. However, it becomes very hard to differentiate between like objects- recognition tests are at +4. Essence: .8 Availability: 14/7 days Cost: 25,000Y Index: 1.5

Part 5 Miscellaneous.

Synthetic Print Duplication Equipment

Needed for making false palm prints. 500Y. Supplies to make one print are 200Y/rating point, ratings 1-4. Availability: 4/12 hrs.


Corrosives come in epoxy-like containers, and mix in the air as they are sprayed on. Do not breathe fumes (6M damage.) They will eat through anything in 30 seconds. The compound dissolves 8000 x Rating/Barrier Rating cubic centimeters per container.


Available on spools in multiples of 10m, 2Y/meter.

Folding Pocket Optical Binoculars

Seven power binoculars that fold small enough to slip in you pocket. Concealability 8. 50Y.

Swiss Army Knife

An all-purpose utility tool. Don't even think of leaving home without it. 30Y.

Duct Tape

Made of duraplast fibers, this stuff is TOUGH (breaking stress of over 1000 kg.) A perfect compliment to the Swiss Army Knife, especilally if you happen to be named McGyver. 10Y/35m.


For years the best in the flashlight biz. Adjustable beam, waterproof, shock-proof. Doubles as a club. Comes in 3, 4, 5 or 6 cell sizes. 40Y, 60Y, 80Y, 100Y respectively.

Swiss Army Chronograph

A superior timepiece. Waterproof, shockproof, scratch resistant. Stopwatch, alarm, countdown timer. Resets itself to the broadcast standard time once every 24 hrs or on command. 120Y.

Kevlar Blanket

Place over the top of monowire to ensure a safe passage. Wrap around you for (2/0) protection. Can also keep you warm on those winter stake-outs. 500Y.

See Through Paper Spray

Makes ordinary papers temporarily transparent. Simply spray the paper for a few seconds and you can see what's beneath it. Works with most papers, including brown kraft paper. Will not work with plastic composite papers. Dries in about 30-60 seconds, leaves no scent or stain & won't affect the material inside. Nonflammable, non-toxic. 20 applications/bottle, 15Y.

Lasertrack(tm) Aerosol

When used in conjunction with a laser detector, guarantees the detector will find the beam. Makes visble spectrum lasers evident to the naked eye. May set off sensetive detectors (roll rating of laser system vs. a target # of 6). 50Y, availability: 4/24 hrs. 20 uses (40cu.m)/can.

Johann Brinkman Button (for you Cyberpunk players who read this)

Stylish 7cm diameter button shows a picture of Johann Brinkman and reads "Have you seen me?" 2Y.
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