Koala-T Arms, the finest in Black Market weaponry. We provide you, the criminal element of the world with the latest and greatest in killing technology!
Okay, lets cut the crap. Here at Koala-T, we are interested in making the best in firearms and melee for the professional runners and mercs. We happily admit that some of our stuff is illegal, if not outright immoral, but it will work. So if y ou are ready to step up to the league of the professionals, find someone who know someone who know us and use only Koala-T Arms!
-- Bruce


Type: "Light Pistol"
Conceal: 8
Reach: N/A
Damage: 8M
Mode: BF
Ammo: 10
Cost: 1,100 Y
S-Index: 2.2
Avail: 12/7D
Koala-T PB-120

The need for a small but effective weapon of last resort has been filled. Inspired by advances out of Lone Star's research lab, you can have the stopping power of a heavy pisol in the pal of your hand, or up your sleeve!
Mechanics: Weapon is always set for burst fire. +4 recoil modifier. On a 'botch', the gun has exploded. A Body (10) Test or the hand is chopped liver. Can accept barrel mounted accessories only.

Type: Assault Rifle
Conceal: 2
Reach: N/A
Damage: 9M-8S*
Ammo: 24-4
Cost: 2,100 Y
S-Index: 3
Avail: 14/2W
Koala-T Alpha

Leagally different from the Ares Alpha, the Koala Alpha uses an intregal shotguninstead ofa grenade launcher, making it perfect of those inner-city assaults.
Mechanics: Weapon is Smartlink 1 ready, with 3 points of recoil compensation. It can mount over and barrel mounted accessories.

Type: "SMG"
Conceal: 3
Reach: N/A
Damage: 10S Stun
Mode: SA/BF
Ammo: 15
Cost: 2650 Y
S-Index: 2
Avail: 7/7d
Koala-T Quasar

Though simular to the Yamaha Pulsar, the Quasar is designed for taking down the REALLY big targets. The improved sine wave dicharge garantees that nobody is going to shrug this one off. A definite thumbs up for ta king them alive technology.
Mechanics: 2 points Recoil Compensation, Laser sight. Damage for the three round burst: 14D Stun

Type: SMG
Conceal: 5
Reach: N/A
Damage: 6M
Mode: BF/FA
Ammo: 36
Cost: 4200
S-Index: 4
Avail: 14/28d
Koala-T Walk-A-Bout

Designed for crowd control, we took the natural rise of a gun on auto fire, combined it with some really tweaked algorithyms for smartlinks and came up with a gun designed to walk fire at 6 meters range. Def initely only for those times when mayhem and retaliations are important. Comes in both left and right handed models.
Mechanics: When using this gun to "walk fire" at targets 6 meters away, there are NO recoil modifiers. Any other range, the recoil modifier is tripled. Max rate of Fire is 18 rnds. Enough to do a circle

Type: Rifle
Conceal: 5
Reach: N/A
Damage: 8M
Mode: BF/FA
Ammo: 24
Cost: 3650
S-Index: 4
Avail: 21/36d
Koala-T Garden Hose

If your thought the Walk-A-Bout was to grostesque for words, you aint seen nothing yet! Introducing the Garden Hose, a 16 guage shotgun integrating the cycling and algorythams of the the Walk-A-Bout. Banned i n over thirty legal principalities, the Garden Hose provides the last word in senseless violence!
Mechanics: When using this gun to "walk fire" at targets 4 meters away, there are NO recoil modifiers. Any other range, the recoil modifier is tripled. Max rate of Fire is 12 rnds. Enough to do a circle

Melee / Projectile

Type: Projectile: Muscle
Conceal: 3/6
Reach: N/A
Damage: (Str)L
Mode: SS
Ammo: N/A
Cost: 100*(StrMin) Y
S-Index: .5
Avail: Always
Wrist Rocket

Small, concealable, a wrist rocket is able to achieve "muzzle" velocities on par with a heavy pistol, yet has the finess needed to deliver a transmitter to a target vehicle. A must for the professonal seeking versit ility.
Mechanics: Second Concealability is for when collapsed. Objects launched should not exceed 50 grams per point of STR. May be fitted for laser scope or any Smartlink System at double normal costs.

Type: Club/"Edged"
Conceal: 3
Reach: +1
Damage: (Str)M Stun
Mode: N/A
Ammo: N/A
Cost: 700 Y
S-Index: .4
Avail: 8/14D

The practice version of the Katana, the Bokken allows for greater pressicion and choice when it comes to resolving conflict. An excelletn choice for the self-proclaimed monster hunter seeking to round out his armements.
Mechanics: If the character has the Katanna Specialization, she may use that instead of the Club concentration. In that case damage is (Str+3)M.

Type: Katanna
Conceal: 4
Reach: +1
Damage: (Str+3)M
Mode: N/A
Ammo: N/A
Cost: 4000Y+
S-Index: +1
Avail: -2
Neon Katana

The katana is the most popular weapon of choice on the streets, but that means that every tom dick and harry are carring one aroun. So how do y make you and your blade distinctive? The Neon Samurai is your answer. Us ing the finest in forging technique, or armorers craft a high quality blade and then, through a special proccess apply a variety of neon colors to the blade. This isnt some cheap aplllication technique, but an actual transformation fo the blades chemical properties, give each blade its own distinctive appearance!
Mechanics: Absolutely nothing special, other that they look.. different.

Type: Edged
Conceal: 5
Damage: (Str+2)M
Mode: N/A
Ammo: N/A
Cost: 1200 Y
S-Index: 3.25
Avail: 6/7d
Koala-T Fransica

Simular to the Cougar FineBlade, the Fransica was designed with two handed fighting in mind. The Carbide handles have just enough give so as to take the jar of impact out on the target, not on your shoulder. In addition, the balance is perfect for throwing.
Mechanics: when fighting two handed with the Fransica Concentration, their are NO offhand penalties. In addition, all Block Manuvers recieve a -1 modifier.

Type: Edged/Thrown
Conceal: 6
Damage: (Str-1)M
Mode: N/A
Ammo: N/A
Cost: 1750 Y
S-Index: 4
Avail: 8/2 w
Koala-T Arkansas Pick

This is the premiere throwing knife on the market. Each blade is finely crafted and integrated into the handle beautifully. I have yet to find a knife with this good a balance. If you ever use a thro wing knife, get a pick!
Mechanics: When determining the range, add 1 to the Str. In addition, any throws in Medium or greater range get a -1 modifier.

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