The Utility Folding Stock

This item is a personal favorite. Specifically created for technicians and mechanics, this is a REEEEEALLY handy little gadjet... Or perhaps I should say gadjets, plural.... ;>
It can come with either 6 or 8 of the total 14 choices for optional utility jack mounts, all of which are invaluable in their own little way.... Enjoy!

Utility Folding Stock51.24,500
Electric Screwdriver70.5125
Soldering Torch70.5150
Welding Torch70.5250
Laser Scalpel70.5350
Laser Microphone70.5275
Collapsible Mini-Saw70.5250
Sonic Screw Driver70.53504L Stun
Neutron-Ram Hammer70.53755M Stun
Spark Starter70.52252S Stun
Diagnostic Scanner70.5475
Light Pistol70.54005L, 10 rnds

(c)1996 Robert Randall Productions. All rights reserved.
Taken from the pages of Jens-Arthur Leirbakk