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Fields of Fire
Fields of Fire is a nice little book for gun enthusiasts. It doesn't really add much to the Shadowrun world other than guns, guns, guns. That, and it does have a really nifty index with a fairly complete list of cyberware and other equipment published in Shadowtech, Street Samurai Catalog, and the main SRII book itself. Its rules section offers incomprehensible rules about fighting with two weapons (as I read them, the better you are in your Ambidexterity skill, the poorer your TN# are?), rappelling, and sketchy information about 'small units tactics', which are rules covering the new communications gear made available in FoF (as it is affectionately known among us Shadowrun junkies).

If you want more guns (and most of us do, don't we?), FoF fits the bill fairly perfectly. If you want rules expansions such as those offered in Awakenings, Shadowtech or, indeed, Street Samurai Catalog, you'll have to look elsewhere.

The SR3 rough equivalent of this book is the Cannon Compendium.