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What are we going to do tonight, Brain?

The same thing we do every night, Pinky.

At least, that's how it sometimes feels my brain works. Here I think I've found something else to do, and then I start planning new campaigns - usually when I've whined long enough that I don't want to be the GM, and that someone else in the group I'm in finally has created another campaign that I can play in - a rare and occasionally delicious activity for me.

I am trying to do something with this campaign that I've tried before, but which failed miserably that time - it seems that, for these guys I usually play with, it seems exceedingly difficult to create a balanced group - especially in Shadowrun. They tend to end up with either characters that are interesting (but fairly useless in a fight - which is lethal in Shadowrun) - or characters that are cookie cutter style, but which absolutely rocks in a fight. No middle ground. It is either, or.

This time, however, I've tried to come up with a hook and roleplaying reasons to why one must have a well-rounded character - and still can play a variety of types of characters. And the setting I've chosen? The Compound.