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Character Sheet An HTML character sheet. By me. 

Template: the Mechanic A template for a mechanic. 

Droid: B4 Rim Securities B4 Bodyguard Droid. 

Droid: ADM-12 Rim Securities ADM-12 Patrol Bot. 

Bounty Hunter: Malia A bounty hunter without a strange armor? How quaint. 

Bounty Hunter: Xath Grendor Xath is the archetypical 'borged bounty hunter with a plot attached. 

The Red Trooper A stormtrooper that have shaken his Imperial conditioning. By me. 

Slicer: Alex Alex is the SW equivalent of a hacker. And a good one as well. 

Bouncer: Argrawarr Would you argue with a Wookiee bouncer? By me. 

Jedi Knight: Karrju Karrju Noyeb, a skilled Lorrdian Jedi Knight. 

Nolisha Martial Artist: Lerebuce Member of a desert-dwelling race, Lerebuce is usually nice. If you are.