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Balrog grew up on the streets of Harlem. He knew that the only ways one got out of Harlem were to get really lucky or fight one's way out. So he did the latter. Each day after school, he attended boxing classes at a local gym. It didn't take long for the trainers to see his potential. Balrog had everything it took to be a champion, and they were going to see to it he got there.

Competition was all too easy. Balrog dominated his matches from start to finish. When he wasn't fighting, he was training. He knew that title matches didn't grow on trees, and he wanted to be ready for a shot at the big-money fights.

Finally, Balrog recevied a title match - his one chance to prove to everyone he was the world's best. He entered the ring like a caged tiger. He dazzled everyone with his Ali-style footwork and his Joe Lewis hooks. The champ didn't know what to make of this kid who seemed to have an endless supply of energy and a right cross like an express train.

By Round Five Balrog had the champ on the ropes, but he wanted a knockout. It wasn't until Round Six that he got his chance. He came out of the corner and began to hit the champ with everything in his arsenal. Then he caught the champ with a surprise left, stunning him. Balrog knew what to do next. He pulled back for a full five seconds and then unleashed the greatest right hook in the history of boxing. The punch reverberated over the cheers of the crowd. Before the champ hit the mat, Balrog knew that he was truly the greatest.

At first, being champion didn't affect Balrog. He trained regularly. He kept the same crew that got him where he was. He continued to fight and even did a little advertising for extra money. Then he took his first fatal step.

A big-time fight organization approached him with promises to broaden his career; alle he had to do was fire his old crew. That wasn't a problem. The organization then said that he could train less and have more free time, which he loved. Balrog's new backer only scheduled fights it knew he could win, and threw huge parties for him after each fight.

One such title fight was with an unknown. Balrog knew that this guy would fall to his stunning moves and combos, just like all the rest had. He only trained once that week - for an hour.

On the night of the fight, Balrog's mind was already on the post-fight party. Thus, he wasn't prepared for what he received. The kid was hot. Balrog could barely stand, let alone fight, after Round Three. That's when Balrog's new promoters stepped in to protect their prized investment. They smeared a drug on Balrog's gloves in between rounds. In Round Four, Balrog landed one punch, and his opponent fainted dead away. Everybody though Balrog had come back with a knockout punch, until the referee also passed out when he touched Balrog's gloves to raise the champ's hand in victory. Then the controversy began.

In the end, Balrog was expelled from professional boxing. His big-time promoters disappeared, as did his advertising promoters. Balrog found his fast-and-loose lifestyle suddenly gone.

In stepped M. Bison. Bison was having trouble usurping the criminal empires of Las Vegas, so he hired Balrog as his enforcer. Balrog now serves Bison as hired muscle, making sure the Las Vegas underworld "stays receptive to Bison's business proposals."

Through Bison, Balrog also found a new way to regain all his old fans - through the Street Fighter circuit. Balrog quickly hammered his way to World Warrior status, proving that good old heavyweight boxing is more than a match for fancy-pants martial arts.

Playing Balrog: Basically, you're not too bright. You're after money, fame, power, and beautiful babes. You want to be seen as successful and won't stand for anybody giving you disrespect, especially in public. You'll do anything to stay in the life of luxury - anything.

Appearance: Balrog is a massive African-American. While he is not very tall, his muscles ripple beneath his shirt. He still wears his former boxing trunks, boots and gym shirt. In a fight, he wears his old lucky gloves.

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