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The international intelligence community's first record of Bison dates to the mid-1960's, when he was working for a Russian mercenary. Bison's early years were marked by violence as his mercenary commando unit was hired out to perform covert missions in Southeast Asia for the Soviet Union.

After the Vietnam War, Bison ended up in Thailand working for the nation's military ruler. Bison's military training under the Soviet KGB made him indispensable to the Thai ruler, allowing Bison to slowly usurp power and eventually declare himself as the nation's dictator in 1971. However, in 1973, the populace expressed their contempt for this foreigner and his oppressive dictatorship. A popular revolt ended Bison's rule. Bison and his closest servants barely escaped the mobs and fled to a little-known island off the east coast of Thailand, called Mriganka.

From the island, Bison started another bid for power, this time deeper underground. From his mercenary days, Bison remembered his ties with the crime network called Shadoloo, the organization through which he had illegally purchased firearms. He renewed his association with Shadoloo and began using its backing again. While exploring Mriganka, Bison's men discovered a cave network that showed signs of strong radiation.

Hoping he had found a plutonium mine, Bison ordered exploration teams into the caves. What they actually discovered was a large fragment of a meteor that had crashed on the island untold ages ago. The survey team found the fragment and brought a piece of it to Bison. Feeling the unnatural and immense power of this small fragment, Bison decided to investigate the site himself.

Bison's visit to the area proved to be a hazardous one. Only Bison himself survived the trip to the core of the caverns (rumors say he killed everyone else who went in with him). The accounts after this event remain obscured in legends, but it is said that Bison did find the main meteorite and came back changed. Bison immediately ordered the construction of a new base, which included placing Bison's own secret chambers over the largest piece of the "meteorite".

Bison displayed immense powers after his discovery. He could amplify his Chi using this energy. He also demonstrated a variety of psychic powers. In addition, his already criminal mind changed so that his megalomania grew to a cosmic scale. He was driven to control every type of resource: human, natural, and mystical. His megalomania included an obsession with finding and controlling various mystical sites around the world, such as the lands of T. Hawk's reservation in Mexico.

Bison's lust for power was sated by his association with Shadoloo. With his newly-found powers, Bison quickly took control of the criminal empire and built into the global syndicate it is today. Bison then used his powers to force the politicians of the world to have the United Nations formally recognize Mriganka as a separate nation, thereby granting Bison's island headquarters immunity from international police actions.

Playing M. Bison: Power is the only thing that matters. You love power. Power can bring joy or sadness to the people of the world, and you revel in bringing misery. You use your power to crush the spirits and morale of the people of the world. You are in complete control of everyone you meet, and you will remake the world into your vision of what it should be. The world must be prepared for its coming destiny.

Appearance: Bison is of medium height, but is still a very imposing man. He dresses in Shadoloo's variety of the Soviet military uniform, often with a cape flowing about him. His hair is coal black and his eyes ripple with blue psychic flame.

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