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Sagat grew up in one of the poorest provinces of Thailand. He found that only the strong got anywhere in the world and started training at an early age to improve his body and mind. He studied Muay Thai and entered his first competition at the age of thirteen. Sagat showed little mercy for his competitors, and would often maim opponents.

By the age of twenty, he had become disgusted with the growing regulations imposed in the professional kickboxing rings. Sagat believed that the influx of foreign fighters and growing international interest was leading to regulations that diluted the content of the matches. Some regulations made certain strikes forbidden in order to decrease the number of fatalities in the ring. Sagat heard of the large amounts of money that could be won in certain underground tournaments, so he fought for the first time in the underground circuit and found that the thrill of the no-holds barred competition was as rewarding as the large sums of money.

He stayed in the circuit for the fierce and brutal competition. Slowly, he worked his way up in the ranks to become champion. The mantle of Grand Master suited Sagat. His status grew to the point where he could choose who he would fight and the circumstances of each bout. Sagat began to only fight opponents who had shown remarkable promise and destroyed them with sheer ferocity.

In the early '90s, a young fighter showed enough promise that Sagat gave him a fight. His name was Ryu. The match was scheduled, and Sagat was expected to destroy the young unknown in the first round, but this was not so. Sagat took the first round quickly, but in the second round, Ryu stunned both the crowd and Sagat himself by besting the Grand Champion. The match was settled in the third round after a long and brutal fight. In the final seconds, Ryu threw the strongest Dragon Punch he could. The punch caused flame to engulf his hand and burned a scar across Sagat's chest.

This loss sent sagat into seclusion in the jungles of Thailand. There he worked to perfect his own techniques and develop new ones so that he could one day return and defeat Ryu. During this time, Sagat was contacted by an agent of Shadoloo. Sagat visited Bison and agreed to help Shadoloo if Bison could lure Ryu into a rematch for Sagat. Bison fueled Sagat's desire to avenge his defeat until Sagat developed a burning hatred for Ryu.

Now Sagat has returned to the tournament circuit and has reestablished himself as one of the most feared World Warriors.

Playing Sagat: You are a cold and bitter man. You fight just within the bounds of honor, but you show no mercy to your opponents. The only thing that makes you laugh is watching the humiliation of the opponents you crush. You are driven by the longing to once again fight Ryu. Until then, you wait.

Appearance: Sagat is a tall, muscular man whose body has been battered into a brutal appearance. He is bald, wears a patch over his left eye and has a large scar going up his chest. He is usually found dressed in his traditional kickboxing trunks, and he prepares hand and foot wraps before any big fight.

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