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At an early age, Vega learned the power that money grants. His family was one of the wealthiest in Spain. They raised him in a secluded villa near Madrid where he was schooled in the finer arts and was given everything he ever wanted. His every whim was catered. He had the best of everything, including private teachers, exotic sportscars and expensive clothes.

He grew to love anything that bolstered his ego. He spent large sums of his parents' money on himself, collecting amusing toys and pursuing dangerous and scandalous diversions. It soon became obvious that he only loved one thing: himself.

He began a weight training regimen to strengthen and tone his body in an effort to make himself the perfect specimen of a man. Vega began to train in Savate so that he could show off his beauty and please the hoards of people that came to see him fight. He proved adept at martial arts and had his parents fly in a Japanese ninjitsu master to train Vega in that style.

Jaded by his rich life, and seeking adventure and more fame, he paid to have himself trained as a matador, a bullfighter. Vega grew to love the crowds and the excitement of bringing the ugly, powerful bulls to their rightful demise in the ring. After a bull's horn nicked his unblemished face in a particularly glorious duel, Vega decided to wear a mask during his fights to insure that his perfect complexion would never be threatened again.

Eventually his new and expensive lifestyle caused his parents to cut him off from their fortune. This, in turn, forced Vega to seek a way to pay for his extravagant lifestyle. He began to put his martial arts training to use as a hired assassin. Vega proved that he was rather good at being a hired killer, and he made good money at it, but he wanted more. In a freak accident, his parents were trampled to death during the running of the bulls in Barcelona. It has never been proven that Vega was responsible, but Vega's family fortune is now under his complete control.

Vega has quickly moved up in status in both the underground circuit and in the underworld. His money, power and willingness to do anything to better his position made him perfect to help M. Bison. He is now the top assassin freelancing for the Shadoloo. He also is known to take some jobs from employers other than Shadoloo.
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