Mapfractalcount plugin documentation

Version 1.0, 2006-02-05.

Theory of operation

This plugin estimates fractal dimension on maps or topographic surfaces, i.e. images where the value of each coordinate specifies the height of that coordinate, f(x,y) = z.

It is based on the SDBC algorithm. The following improvement has been implemented: When using SDBC, boxes are shifted in the z-direction in order to get the best fit to the image data, but not in the x- and y - direction. This plugin translates the grid in the x- and y - direction so that a better fit is made also along those axis. If the setting "Include subgraph" is disabled, and the setting "Number of translations" is set to 1, the original SDBC algorithm will be used.


Copy the .class file into the imagej plugin folder to use the plugin. Open an image, select plugins and MapFractalCount. The following dialog box will show: