FreeVMS 0.3

New release 0.3.17 is out.

Disk image C (0.3.17, 64-bit)
Disk image C (0.3.17, 32-bit)
Boot floppy A

Old 0.3.16

Hardware supported:
I386: some instability.
X86_64: some more instability.

Run with something like
qemu-system-i386/x86_64 -fda a.img -hda c.img -boot a -monitor stdio -net none

For more about usage, see USE
and which user features are tested in TESTING
and features listed in FEATURES .

Source for the 0.3.17 and newer
Get source with git clone
The only supported build environments are Debian 6 (i386) and 7 (x86_64), and it is the master branch.

News for 0.3.17:
Support for ODS-2 boot partition and use has been reenabled.
Support for CMUIP (TCP/IP) has been reenabled.
Critical/major bugfixes.
Cleanup of dead/unused source code.

News for 0.3.16:
Build environment moved to Debian 6 and 7.
Critical/major bugfixes.
Big cleanup of dead/unused source code.

The 0.3 release series have these and other features:

DCL client shell.
DCL utilities copy, delete, directory, search, type,
show device/system/logical/working_set.
RTL libraries with STR$ and LIB$.
Approx. 50 system services.
Essential VMS kernel features for ASTs, event flags, locks, scheduling,
time support, process control, working set, QIO, mailboxes, logicals etc.

I am not actually active with this anymore. Have just put the sources on the net, cleaning/updating a little bit, and hoping for someone to take over and continue. May try to help out a bit.