Full name:Håkon Skjelten
Address:Elvegt. 12D, 7012 Trondheim, NORWAY
E-mail:skjelten AT pvv DOT org
Telephone: +47 99747075
Age:29 years old, born January 1979.
Occupation:After finishing my studies at Norwegian University of Science and Technology two friends and myself started a company named Apto Maritime AS. Here I'm currently working as CTO on next generation maritime search and rescue equipment.
GnuPG:Public key. Please use this key to encrypt e-mails you send to me.
Hobby projects: Nidhogg - The search for the moonstone. A 2D adventure game written in C++ that is aiming to be as platform independent as possible. One of my "never ending projects"...
Linux dxr3 drivers. I've been making some 2.6 specific patches against their CVS tree.
Pictures:I have a picture archive from my trip through America 2003 and my home with my parents.
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Håkon Skjelten
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