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the characters

(presentation by Ulf Lunde)

David, Francine (laughing), and Katchoo

Francine is a woman
who is a little short on self-confidence, and everyone will nod in recognition at her nervous way of thinking, which we have experienced so many times either in ourselves or in people we know.
Francine's self-image does not improve from the fact that she time and time again finds herself in situations where she somehow manages to put her foot in it and get laughed at, usually as a direct consequence of her unsureness of her own capabilities.

[Katchoo] Katchoo is a sensual, short blonde, but a former call-girl and (perhaps understandably) very skeptical towards men. This, and her strong (and overprotective) feelings for her best friend Francine, combined with Katchoo's tendency to get violent when she gets upset, puts quite a strain (to put it mildly) on her relationships with the male persons around her, particularly with every man who in any way hurts Francine's feelings! (And as you have probably guessed, it doesn't take much to make Francine feel down!)

David declares his love for Katchoo

Young David seems to be a normal, christian guy who just happens to be a) hopelessly in love with Katchoo, who claims she hates men, and b) related to someone from her past who wants to kill her. David's love is unrelenting and he more or less complies with Katchoo's every request, however whimsical or unpleasant.

Terry Moore's Strangers in Paradise:
the collection

SiP is published by Abstract Studio in Houston, Texas. It started out as a 3-part mini-series, and grew to become the mature story about the lives of Katchoo and Francine that the readers have come to love so dearly. The first three issues are available from Abstract Studio and from comic shops everywhere in the album titled The Collected Strangers in Paradise. That was my first encounter with Katchoo & co. The book also contains some other neat Moore stuff.

Then came I Dream of You, a story which sortof reached a conclusion last fall in It's a Good Life!, but still continues into the new (color) series which is coming out now, issue by (near-)monthly issue.

Terry has said that he plans to collect all the black and white SiP issues in one book some time this year, which I'm sure will be great for those who don't care for the "little typy stuff" in each issue. (Me, I find the "little typy stuff" to be as essential to SiP as it is to e.g. Sim's Cerebus.)

If you want to urge him on, his mail address is SIPnet@aol.com!

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