Some of my favorite books:

Also most any "popular science" book.

Every once in a while I like to read some sci-fi.
"Neuromancer" by William Gibson is IMHO a great novel.
Many of Fredrick Brown's short stories are among my favorites.
Stanislaw Lem is a must in science fiction.
Also Douglas Adams writes very well (and not only sci-fi).

Check out the following:

You may search for book titles in many on-line databases. You may even order books over the net. For information on some of the services offered, send a message to

with "help" in the subject field.

(Soon to come in this spot: A picture of me in my Powell's Books T-shirt,
which my friend Neil O'Leary from Alaska gave me! :-)

You may also order books from any of the following:

And how can you look for books on the WWW without visiting BookWire?

Some books should actually be read via World Wide Web, like The Hacker Crackdown and at least some of the following on-line stories:

If you read Norwegian, you may have fun reading the on-line short story Faen. N har de senket takhyden igjen. M huske kjpe nye knebeskyttere!

Some of my favorite magazines:

plus any magazine with pictures of pretty women!

Several magazines are available on Internet. For instance: Libido.

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