Computer games

My all-time favorite computer games are:
80286 PC/DOS : Blockout,
which can be played with your feet up
bcause it doesn't use the mouse.
386 PC/DOS : Sid Meier's Civilization,
from Microprose.
Pentium PC/Win95 : Civ II,
a refined version of Civilization.

A previous sequel to Civ, Colonization, is OK to play for a while, but in that game the level of detail in what you control is a bit too high even for my taste.

A multi-user variant of Civ, FreeCiv, is now available for downloading if you are using UNIX and X11. It is great fun!

Other games I like are Stronghold, Tetris, Empire, The Alone in the Dark series, all Sierra adventure ("*quest") games, Dungeon Hack, Hand of Fate, Arena, Jagged Alliance, Worms, Civilization (the computer version of the board game, quite different from Microprose's), and all kinds of adventure/dungeon games, strategy games, and multi-player games with neat sound effects.

I used to play a lot of mud, but I haven't played it at all for many years now.

I also play some play-by-mail games, both snail mail and e-mail.

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