Library - Trondheim Go Club


This table gives an overview over books owned by members of Trondheim Go Club.

Go: A Complete Introduction to the GameCho ChikunKiseido
The Second Book of GoRichard BozulichKiseido
Elementary Go 2: 38 Basic JosekiKosugi Kiyoshi, James DaviesKiseido
Elementary Go 3: TesujiJames DaviesKiseido
Elementary Go 4: Life and DeathJames DaviesKiseido
Get Strong at TesujiRichard BozulichKiseido
Positional JudgmentCho ChikunKiseido

Future books

The club plans to purchase a number of books. The following list are suggestions in priority order:

Appreciating famous GamesOhiraKiseido
1971 Honinbo TournamentIwamoto/DaviesKiseido
Invincible - The games of ShusakuPowerKiseido

For å få denne siden på norsk, juster språkprioriteringen i din nettleser.

Last update 2002-12-13.