2006-12-12 Just a heads up; there probably won't be a go session tonight. I won't be there (not that I usually get there before 1930 anyway, but...). Robert has stated he won't be there until he's done with the christmas exams that all his pesky students are producing. And Harald might be busy with his exams. I'm not sure if anyone else are planning on attending, but I wouldn't count on a mass attendance. So - next playing session will probably be after christmas. Unless anyone want a really late game, in which case I'll probably be there from 20:00
-- Danner
2006-11-01This page has been somewhat updated. More reorg to follow.

The club meets regularly at Gløshaugen, Tuesdays 17:30 Sentralbygg II 2 etg, rom 255 (PVV)