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The Binding of Isaac: Four Souls

Title Description Count
Four Souls Win a game 20
Five Souls Win a game with 5 souls 2
River Styx Win a game with 6 souls or more 1
Blitzkrieg Win a game in one turn
The Fast Win a game in two turns 1
Third Time's The Charm Win a game in three turns
Name of the Game Win a game in four turns
Comeback Win a game after being at a three soul deficit
Bare Bones Win a game with no items other than your eternal
Breakfast Win a game by infinitely drawing The Sun
Soulstealer Win a game by stealing a soul from another player 1
Bonus Time Win a game with all three bonus souls 1
Pacifist Win a game with no boss souls
Title Description Count
Butterfingers Butterbean a Butterbean 5
Beans Butterbean a Butterbean butterbeaning a Butterbean 1
99 cent Own all money in the game 1
Eclipse Banish The Sun out of the game
Whale Pull 20 or more cards in a single turn 2
No Dice Kill a boss monster without resolving a single dice 5
Player Killer (3+) Kill all other players, but not yourself 1
Infinity Attain an infinite combo 1
Unstoppable (=4) Kill a monster while three other players spend resources to stop you