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Sunset at Kuta Beach,
Bali Following the previous year's formidable success (well, to me it was!) with the "Bjorn in the USA" tour, I set out on a new journey in September 1996. This time I intended to cross every longitude available on this planet. I succeeded and I have the travel journal to prove it!

As the bright reader will notice, the chosen title for my travel journal has more than one meaning. Yes, traveling for an extended period of time IS something to dream about. A trip like this can, and probably will, change you in many ways. However, it is not all joy and laughter. There will be moments when you stop for a moment (or for weeks) and wonder what on Earth you are doing traveling around it, and you may wish you were back home instead of having a number of months of hard work traveling ahead of you. Even though my journal will show both the good and the bad sides of traveling, keep in mind that things always work out fine in the end, most of the time. #8D)

Due to the length of the trip, I have split the journal into a number of smaller parts. Choose a leg to start reading about here:

in the Himalayas I have collected some information about the countries I managed to collect a stamp in my passport from, as well as included maps with the routes I traveled marked in red:

Other interesting bits of information for travelers and wanna-be's:
Here's some information which I haven't put into a context yet:

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