The Homepage of Inge Viken

Hi, Inge here! I am working to make this page
somewhat more attractive than it has previously been,
but I'll take it in steps.

Well, this is how I look.
I guess I should snap a new picture,
but this will have to do for now.
For those of You who have a sound card
(and support for .au-files), here's a short greeting .

I'm a 28 (soon 29) years old computer guy. I grew up in the village
of Sandane.

After having been a student in the city of Trondheim for a while and
doing some other stuff (like doing the Norwegian national service),
I've been working in Oslo, the capital of Norway.


I presently work at the Norwegian Geotechnical Institute in Oslo,
mainly working in the field of software development.
I'm pretty new here (started at the start of '96),
previously I worked in a company called Falcon Information Services,
which sells financial information.
I have most of my recent programming background in UNIX (C), but I'm now also working under Windows (using the LabWindows
development system).


Except for my interest in programming (trying to learn CGI/Javascript/Perl now),
I enjoy reading about science,
having more or less philosophical discussions with my friends over a pizza,
travel (especially interested in nature).
to watch movies (Norwegian guide here)
and TV (schedules here), alas.


Click here to see my web-experiment page (You might need a recent version of NetScape).
Note that information available may be logged.

How to reach me

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