This is some of what I have written and that is available online.

  • Trumped for a Hundred Days?

  • A Day of Betrayal of the Framers

  • Spennende tider

  • Frihetsfrontens sommerseminar

  • Donald Trump vs. Woodrow Wilson?

  • Lenge leve politistaten Norge!

  • Når børsene faller

  • Frihetsfrontens sommerseminar

  • Deflasjon til å sky som pesten?

  • Åpent brev: Nei til tvangsekteskap for samboere!

  • Frihetsfrontens sommerseminar

  • Hva bør endres i Grunnloven, J. K. Baltzersen?

    An interview of yours truly.
  • Men vi er ikke husmenn...

  • Is H.H. Hoppe's Idea Of Monarchy Spreading?

  • Hvorfor jeg stemte blankt

  • Sixty Years with St. Edward's Crown

  • Kan Grunnloven levere frihet?

    An interview of yours truly.
  • Archduke Otto at 100

  • Økonomiske perspektiver – alternativ årstale

  • Om bøker, markedskultur og sånt...

    An interview of yours truly.
  • The Last Knight of the Habsburg Empire

  • 10 år: Liberaleren – en sjeldenhet med tinnjubileum

  • Åpent brev til Den Polytekniske Forening

  • Peasant as Master

    Also at The Monarchist.
  • The Powers of the Crown – Satisfactory?

  • In Memory of Maud of Wales

  • Dismissal? Case Dismissed!

  • Protector of Blessed Charles

    Also a version at The Monarchist.
  • Hands Off!

  • All Hail the King of Spain!

  • It's Time for Wilsonianism to Go!

    Updated and expanded version of recently published Ron Paul article.
  • Perpetual Childhood?

  • It's the Honorable Paul or Insincerity!

  • World Government for Liberty?

  • En reise rett inn i monsunen

  • Is the Monarchy Next?

  • Otto von Habsburg

    Introduction in Norwegian. Interview versions in English.
  • A Real Constitution Becomes Written

  • Nothing More Important Than Environmental Issues?

  • Al Gore Comes to Oslo in December?

  • Hva ga nå dette året oss?

  • In Defense of Prince Charles

  • Contemporary Norwegian 'Individualism'

  • Monarchy and Democracy at the Top of the World

  • My Bike Is a Car

  • Det overadministrerte Norge

  • For Ceremonies and Emergencies

  • W for We Think Lack of Democracy Is the Problem

  • Henrik Ibsen – Anti-Democrat and Individualist

  • What Prez Bush Said to King Gyanendra

  • Terrorkrigen i tidsskriftet Samtiden

  • Demokratisér OL!

  • Åpent brev til Liberaleren: demokrati og monarki

  • What Will Be in 2006?

  • Hvorfor gråte over 100 år gammel spilt melk?

  • Årets julegave: 17.-maivest

  • En grunnlovs- og demokratidebatt

  • Tilbakeblikk på et jubileumsår

  • 100-årsfesten – pengesluk til siste stund

  • Tilbake til utgangspunktet?

  • The 'Progress' of the End of Tsarism

  • Valg i "verdens beste land"

  • Birkeland & Eyde

  • Eidsvolds endelikt

  • "Demokrati på norsk"

  • Land of the Free – Say What?

  • In Honor of King Oscar II of Norway

    Basically a short version of the article below.
  • In Memory of King Oscar II of Norway

    Basically a long version of the article above.
  • Main Street Architecture and Real Words vs. a "Living" Constitution

  • Prince Rainier, RIP

  • Madrid and Democracy on the First Anniversary

  • Quisling, Gerhardsen, and Historical "Correctness"

  • Churchill on Democracy Revisited

  • Where Equality Belongs

  • Ruler vs. Government – Personal vs. Popular

  • The Old Order vs. the Worship of Modernity, Commonness, and Decline

  • In Honor of Claus Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg

  • The Passion of Socrates Next?

  • An Evening With a Baroness

  • Gender Communism

  • Thatcherismens sølvjubileum – da jeg møtte Lady Thatcher

  • The Emasculation of a King

  • Union Here and Over There

  • Innovation Is At Our Peril

  • What Madrid Tells Us About Democracy

  • The Return of the King

  • Binary Math Against Democracy

  • The Leftist Prize

    I am way too soft on Woodrow Wilson here. Moreover, this was written before I became a skeptic to the Bush administration's Iraq business.
  • The Beginning of the End of Scandinavian Socialism?

    Time has told that this article was too optimistic.

  • See also my page on the millennium misconception

    Some links may be outdated, some persons no longer hold said positions (on the millennium misconception page, that is).

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